How to make multiple copies gloxinia

How to make multiple copies gloxinia

The gloxinia can be multiplied sheet shanks or seeds, they are sown during the period from December to March. If it is necessary to receive the blossoming plants in May, crops of seeds is carried out in November or October, at the same time shoots should be highlighted daylight lamps.

Reproduction by seeds

At gloxinia very small seeds, not all of them give full-fledged shoots. Before crops prepare mix from the peat and sheet earth with sand addition, all components take in equal proportions. From above seeds do not close up the earth, it is only necessary to moisten the soil and to cover it with glass. Optimum temperature of germination - +24-26os if to support it by constant, shoots will appear in 12-14 days.

Seedlings contain in well lit place, regularly evenly spray them with warm water. Approximately in 18-25 days after emergence of cotyledonous leaves hold the first sword-play. For this purpose prepare mix from two parts of the sheet earth, one part peat and the same amount of sand. Plants dive at distance of 2x2 cm then tanks with them place as it is possible closer to light.

Start the second sword-play after emergence of the third leaf, as a rule, in 3-4 weeks. Use the same substrate, as well as in the first case, and plants place 3x4 cm at distance. The procedure needs to be carried out very accurately, trying not to break leaves if they are damaged, it is necessary to remove them. After that recommend to maintain temperature above +20os and not to allow drying of earth lump. Approximately in month the young plants are replaced in separate pots of 8-9 cm in size. Soil mix for them is made of equal parts of the sheet, cespitose, peat and humous earth and also sand. Pots establish in the light place, pritenyat them from direct sunshine, continue to water regularly gloxinia and maintain high air humidity. The plant will blossom in 6 months after jumping of seeds. If you want to receive the blossoming gloxinia in May, crops need to be carried out in November or October. In this case young plants should be highlighted daylight lamps during the period from November to February. They are included for 8 hours a day, using 100 W of power on 1 sq.m of landings.

Reproduction by sheet shanks

At reproduction of gloxinia leaves it can blossom same year. During blossoming from uterine plant cut off healthy leaves with small piece of scape (about 1 cm). They are implanted in the substrate consisting of 4 parts of clean sand and 0.5 parts of peat. At the same time maintain high air humidity and temperature +22-24os. In 18-20 days the basis of sheet plate has small klubenk, after this plant replace in 5-7 cm pots. During growth they need to be fed up each 3 weeks liquid mineral fertilizer and it is abundant to water.

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