How to make multiple copies strawberry mustache

How to make multiple copies strawberry mustache

It is quite simple to make multiple copies strawberry mustache, besides this way is good the fact that the plant will get stronger and will manage to be prepared for the winter period that is very important.


1. The first that needs to be made is to note the most fructifying and strong bushes of strawberry which have practically all berries of the identical size. From these perspective plants further it is necessary to make multiple copies strawberry mustache.

2. Also pay attention that for reproduction of strawberry it is the best of all to choose sockets of the first order. Ask why? Because they are the biggest. Having chosen sockets, land them in in advance prepared pots with soil and accurately pin.

3. As a rule, the sockets at first landed in separate pots receive all nutrients from maternal bush. Therefore remove all unnecessary mustache at plant that it was not exhausted.

4. From the replaced sockets mustache of the second and third order sometimes grow. It is not necessary to leave them as they will spend energy of plant which is necessary for its rooting. You should not do it only if you need rather large number of seedling of strawberry.

5. Large sockets have to be in pots until until their root system becomes quite strong in order that they could exist independently. The strengthened plant can be understood by quantity of leaflets. If on their socket not less than 4-6, then it is possible to land it to the earth and to separate from maternal bush. After jumping do not forget to water plant with enough water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team