How to make New Year's make-up

How to make New Year's make-up

New Year's Eve each girl wants to be irresistible. The beautiful dress, comfortable footwear and carefully picked up accessories – all this has to be combined with each other and emphasize natural beauty of the girl. Touch-up of any image is the make-up which can emphasize both advantages, and face defects.

It is required to you

  • - tonic;
  • - spray with clear water;
  • - the day moisturizing cream;
  • - foundation;
  • - spangles;
  • - flickering powder;
  • - blush;
  • - pencil, brush and the fixing eyebrow gel;
  • - shadows for eyes;
  • - liquid eyeliner and pencil for eyes;
  • - ink;
  • - curling tongs of eyelashes;
  • - false eyelashes;
  • - lipstick;
  • - pencil for lips;
  • - lip gloss;
  • - napkin.


  1. Wipe face with tonic which will give it freshness and will remove dirt which has accumulated on skin for all day. It is possible to spray from spray clear water which will moisturize face skin and will make it more gentle. As basis apply on it day cream. Its surplus should be got wet with napkin.
  2. Use foundation for creation of ideal complexion. It needs to be shaded carefully. Attentively select color of foundation that it was well combined with natural shade of skin. Apply cream which will make it poured in the light of New Year's fires on body. Take care of spangles or flickering powder which needs to be put thin layer on face and zone of decollete.
  3. Modify shape of face by means of blush. Depending on your tsvetotip it is necessary to pick up their ideal color. Blush should be applied by means of special brush or sponge.
  4. Emphasize shape of eyebrows with pencil of brown or black color. Only they should not draw continuous line, it is better to adjust eyebrows several short strokes. Comb hairs special brush for eyebrows. For fixing of their form use special gel.
  5. Put shadows for eye. Their color should be chosen according to your dress. At first use primary color, and then the external corner of eye needs to be shaded shadows of more dark color. To make eyes more expressive, shade the center of century under eyebrow light shadows. On New Year's Eve it is possible to use shadows of various flowers, especially if you are going to go to carnival. This day all have to look unusually and mysteriously.
  6. Carry out by liquid eyeliner on upper eyelid. The flat line, but if it at you has not turned out – it does not matter has to turn out. Shade it brush. The eyeliner can be applied not on all eyelid but only on corners of eyes. It is possible to bring pencil or eyeliner lower eyelid.
  7. Make up eyelashes ink of dark color. If you have blue or green eyes, then it is possible to use ink of blue or green color. But it is appropriate only if ink is well combined with dress. You apply it at first on lower, and then on upper eyelashes. If you wish that your look was more expressive, then can use special curling tongs of eyelashes. Only it is necessary to use them before you make up eyelashes. In festive make-up false eyelashes which you will be able to get in any shop of cosmetics will be quite appropriate. Also use of ink of gold or silver color which will make make-up festive is allowed.
  8. Apply a little foundation on lips. He will help lipstick to lay down more exactly. Blot surplus with napkin. Pencil for lips make contour which has to be one tone more dark than the chosen lipstick. Shade the created contour brush. Put lipstick layer then it needs to be got wet with napkin. Once again make up lips. Add a little lip gloss which will make them more seductive. It is possible that gloss contained flickering parts.
  9. The New Year's make-up has to be bright and expressive. But do not forget that it is necessary to place emphasis on something one: lips or eyes. Girls who wish to be on New Year's Eve the focus of attention can draw intricate patterns on the face. Such body art will create festive mood and will make you irresistible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team