How to make opening in metal

How to make opening in metal

At production of metal designs in house conditions sometimes there is need to make large opening of certain form in metal. If thickness of metal does not exceed 1.5 mm, difficulties do not arise – it is possible to use chisel and anvil. Other ways are applied to production of opening in thick metal.

It is required to you

  • Drill, drilling machine, electrofret saw, hacksaw blade, file, file, chisel, hammer


1. Let's say at construction of the iron furnace you need to make opening with a diameter of 130 mm for smoke passing. At the same time the quality of processing of edges of opening is not of particular importance therefore the rough and fast way can be applied. Plan circle of the required diameter by means of the metal scriber and construct the hexagon entered in it. For this purpose in turn postpone from randomly the pieces equal to the circle radius chosen on circle of point.

2. Take the Bulgarian with small cutting wheel and make cuts along the parties of hexagon, having closed them on the other hand.

3. If the reverse side of metal is inaccessible, then for full cutting of crossing points it is necessary to go beyond marking. It is possible to use hacksaw or the electrofret saw. The opening is ready.

4. Other situation can arise when designing device for the machine when it is required to make opening with a diameter about 80 mm. Mark circle in the place of future opening. Longwise circles center punch fill the centers of small openings. Tags have at distance about 5 mm from each other.

5. Take drill with drill with a diameter of 3 mm and make through holes on tags. It is even better to use the drilling machine.

6. Between ranks of openings there is number of crossing points now. Saw through these crossing points hacksaw or the electrofret saw. More labor-consuming option assumes use of file. The good result can be received when using of the narrow sharpened chisel; this way is suitable if thickness of metal does not exceed 6 mm.

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