How to make openings in tile

How to make openings in tile

To make opening in tile quite simply, but it is not simple to keep it at the same time in the whole look at all. The complexity in drilling of opening in tile is that its surface represents firm, strong basis, but meanwhile this surface this very brittle and slippery that does not allow to establish and support the direction of drill is strict in the necessary direction.

It is required to you

  • painting tape, drill of 3 mm, drill, dowel, hammer


1. To exclude risk of damage of tile as a result of drilling, take normal painting tape and paste piece to the place of drilling.

2. On tape note cross drilling point. Take drill on 3 mm and drill accurately small opening. If the opening has to be wider, change drill for bigger and continue to drill. Expand opening gradually, step by step changing drills, until as the opening will have diameter of the size of the dowel inserted into it.

3. For determination of depth of opening use the adjustable limiter. Having stopped drilling, blow opening and insert into it dowel, drown it in tile on several millimeters.

4. Other way includes need of disposal of fragile "glass" surface of tile prior to drilling. It becomes sharp zubilets by accurate percussion on it the hammer.

5. Further make small opening in tile, using the hammer and drill which you will drill, only after it begin drilling. As soon as drill tile, replace drill with drill for the perforator, include and make opening in concrete of necessary depth.

6. These ways are effective if the tile is already pasted. But if you are only going to glue tile and know that in it the opening will be necessary, use one more way.

7. Arm plitkorezy, tiled nippers or normal hacksaw with special file. Take ceramic tile and plitkorezy cut on two parts (the line of section surely has to pass through the center of necessary opening).

8. Apply on each of parts of tile semicircular marking depending on necessary diameter of bore. Nippers break off excess parts on the put marking contour. Correct opening file and stick together two parts of tile. The opening is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team