How to make painting

How to make painting

From school course all of us remember titans of Renaissance. Their creations still cause admiration. Painting of ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is world-famous. If you want to decorate the house or the apartment with painting on ceiling, then apply a little imagination and work.

It is required to you

  • For preparation of ceiling:
  • * ladder;
  • * set of palettes;
  • * putty;
  • * primer acrylic and deep penetration;
  • * abrasive paper (abrasive paper);
  • * paint brushes;
  • * rags, brushes;
  • For art painting:
  • * art brushes;
  • * white acrylic paint and colors;
  • * drawing;
  • For fixing:
  • * flat acrylic lacquer


1. Preparation of ceiling for coloring. The surface of ceiling can be any: MDF, gypsum cardboard or plaster. The main thing is correct to prepare it. As most often ceilings in our houses are plastered, we will give example of half-cooking of the plastered surface to drawing art painting.

2. At first carefully clean surface that there is no site left on which plaster departs. Then it is necessary to wash ceiling. For this purpose it is possible to use rags, brushes on long sticks and so on. Surely put on safety glasses before processing of ceiling.

3. When the ceiling dries, apply primer that coupling of all layers was strong. After drying of primer it is necessary to zashpatlevat all roughnesses on ceiling. Remember that at once the big layer of putty cannot be put. Each layer has to be not thicker than 0.5 cm. Let's dry out to layer, later apply primer and putty if the surface is still far from ideal. Check flatness of ceiling by means of construction level.

4. To Zashkurta all ceiling, again progruntuyta also put thin finishing layer of plaster putty. When also this layer dries, walk on it abrasive paper and finish preparation of ceiling putting acrylic primer.

5. Painting of ceiling. For painting of ceiling it is better to use ladder – it is easier to paint with scaffold on wheels because lying. Choose paints not really bright, pastel acrylic will be ideal. Draw grid on which accurately transfer the drawing from the leaf on ceiling.

6. Start drawing the drawing. It is better to put at first background, then large parts and later finish drawing small parts. That you constantly had not to climb up from ladder, have near at hand the assistant who will transport you. If you have put incorrect dab – erase it wet sponge or rag.

7. Fixing of the drawing. For fixing of the drawing use flat or semi-gloss acrylic lacquer. Be not frightened when you see that this varnish white, drying, it will become transparent. Thanks to varnish painting will develop brightness and strength.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team