How to make paving slabs of concrete

How to make paving slabs of concrete

The paving slabs can be made the hands. For this purpose forms will be necessary. They can be bought in the shops selling goods for gardeners or to make independently of improvised materials.

It is required to you

  • - M400 cement
  • - sand
  • - softener for concrete
  • - pigment
  • - capacity for solution
  • - form for paving slabs


1. Production of paving slabs requires cement and sand solution. It prepares in proportion 1:3 where the first indicator belongs to cement, the second – for sand which needs to be sifted. In order that mix was flexible, it is possible to add a little laundry detergent to solution or special softener for concrete. If you want to receive color paving slabs, include pigment in structure. The amount of water has to be that that the consistence of weight was rather viscous, but not liquid.

2. If the quantity of forms allows, it is possible to prepare concrete in the concrete mixer. It considerably will reduce labor input of works on production of paving slabs and will accelerate them. If forms are not enough, it is possible to make batch of cement and sand solution in small capacity: bucket or basin.

3. For reinforcing of tiles kustka of steel wire or the armature cut on bars of small length use. When the form for tile is filled with concrete, metal is stacked so that it was in the middle of cement and sand layer.

4. If there is no opportunity to use factory forms for paving slabs, it is possible to make independently wood form of the necessary form and height. Joints between boards pressurize by means of polyurethane foam or silicone moisture resistant sealant. If form metal and not folding, before underpouring its internal walls coat with the fulfilled lubricating oil. It will facilitate dredging of finished products.

5. As forms any plastic containers or products will be suitable for paving slabs. They can be both with bottom, and without it. In the latter case underpouring needs to be carried out on plain strong surface (for example, on the sheet of metal). Slots between it and timbering need to be sealed. So it is necessary to arrive with each tile therefore it is better if the form has bottom.

6. The paving slabs can be made of concrete and in such a way: to define location of path by marking; to build wood form on its perimeter. For crossing points which will define the drawing of path it is possible to use continuous (without patterns) plastic border. Height of tape has to correspond to thickness of paving slabs therefore it should be cut along cloth length. Then prepare concrete and fill in it in timbering. Stack plastic crossing points and level top layer of cement and sand solution by means of equal rail.

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