How to make polyurethane form

How to make polyurethane form

At polyurethane forms there are a lot of advantages. For a start it is necessary to tell that this material has high strength and flexibility. These qualities provide durability of polyurethane forms. They can sustain thousands of fillings. Such forms can be made independently.


1. For a start it is necessary to make matrix. With its help the outflow of polyurethane forms will be carried out. But for its production it is necessary to make independently the master model. With its help it will be possible to make forms for artificial stone. At it has to be ideal geometry. Our future stone has to be joined ideally. For production the master of model for production of forms it is possible to use natural stone. Quite often just copy models from already ready artificial plaster or cast stone. Take natural stone and cut this natural sample narrow strips. These strips then need to be stuck together in one equal stone which has to have ideal geometry. After the stone well dries, it is possible to check geometry. On front part of stone should not remain gluing. If there are roughnesses, then it is necessary to make their grinding on the machine by means of the Bulgarian. For this purpose in advance stock up with disk on stone or concrete.

2. To make matrix it is necessary to prepare some support in advance. It is possible to use normal piece of furniture chipboard. To it it will be necessary to paste the master model. Silicone sealant well is suitable for this purpose. Invert stone facedown and at the edges walk sealant. It is the best of all to use gun. Then invert it and well press to furniture chipboard. It has to stick to fanerka well. After that it is necessary to cover with sealant all side edges well. There should not be air holes. Leave preparation to dry.

3. It was necessary only to make sides for matrix. They have to be above the pasted stone on 2-3 centimeters. They can be made of plastic, metal or dural corners. Fasten corners screws around stone to furniture chipboard, after that take silicone sealant and pass it across all regions of the fastened corners.

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