How to make pond at the dacha of the tire

How to make pond at the dacha of the tire

Gardeners and gardeners very much like to decorate the sites with various decorative elements. The small twig with green plants around perfectly diversifies landscape of personal plot. Easily, quickly it is also cheap possible to make pond from the tire at the dacha with own hands.


1. To make pond from the tire with own hands at the dacha, take big automobile tire. Best of all the tire from the tractor or the heavy truck will approach. Free of charge it is possible to find it, having addressed to specialized car service. As a rule, tires with the erased protectors are necessary to nobody.

2. Clean it from dirt and cut off on the one hand the bent part. The hacksaw, sharp knife or the electric fret saw will be suitable for work.

3. Pick up the flat place on the site where you want to make pond of the tire on giving the hands. Dig out hole. Its diameter and depth have to be slightly more than the sizes of tire. Level bottom, filling up it with small crushed stone.

4. Install the prepared tire in deepening and level bottom sand.

5. Lay pond bottom at the dacha from the tire dense cellophane. It is better if you are able to buy special ukryvny material for pools, otherwise even the strongest cellophane should be replaced periodically because of leaks. Pay attention that material has to act approximately on half of meter after distribution on inside face of tire. That ukryvny material was convenient to be smoothed in the tire, fill in pond with water.

6. Eliminate excess folds and fix cellophane, podsypav on bottom decorative stones. It is desirable that they had no sharp angles.

7. Turn out edges of ukryvny material of pond at the dacha by the hands and lay them on the earth around the tire. Fix them by means of big and small stones, displaying to your taste.

8. If you have small pump and opportunity to bring electricity, establish it in the center of pond, having fixed by stones. Do not forget to secure the socket against moisture hit.

9. Here it is so simple to make pond from the tire at the dacha with own hands. Now you can be engaged in its dressing in green plants. For this purpose the sedge, primrose, forget-me-not marsh, water-lily, reed-mace, bolotnik, turcha, iris will approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team