How to make porch from concrete with own hands

How to make porch from concrete with own hands

Porch — important architectural part of any country house. Such design can be made of different materials. But most often street ladders fill in from concrete solution. Using plastic mix on the basis of cement, it is possible to make not only very convenient, but also beautiful porch the hands.

It is required to you

  • - M400 brand cement;
  • - the coarse sifted bank sand;
  • - crushed stone;
  • - reinforcing rods of 12 mm;
  • - pieces of bricks, stones;
  • - thick boards or pieces of tin;
  • - square-faced shovel;
  • - concrete mixer.


1. Before starting filling of porch of country house, make its project. At the same time decide on height and width of steps and also on march tilt angle. Optimum values for the first two indicators are 17-18 and 25 cm respectively. Admissible tilt angle of porch — 27-45 degrees.

2. Dig out on the location of future porch of concrete ditch depth equal to house footing depth. Fill on its bottom with tamper at first sand, and then crushed stone. Thickness of layers of both materials has to be not less than 10 cm.

3. Make timbering for the base of porch. If on the project the street ladder is rectangular, use boards. Semicircular it is possible to fill in porch from concrete in timbering from pieces of tin. Establish timbering in ditch. Connect framework from reinforcing rod, using special wire. Put armature in ditch on bars 5 cm thick. Height of timbering has to correspond to height of the first step. Prepare solution 1:3 in the concrete mixer and fill in it in ditch. To save on cement mix, use rubble stone, pieces of beaten concrete slabs, old brick.

4. Collect timbering for other steps of porch from concrete and the top site. Establish prefabricated reinforcement cage in each tier. If at porch it is supposed to make concrete parapets, bring rods on both parties out of march plane limits not less than to 25 cm. If handrail is provided by the project metal, establish in rack framework under them. Fill in the turned-out timbering trough with concrete, using stones and beaten brick for economy.

5. Dig out ditches under concrete parapets and establish in them timberings. Place inside prefabricated reinforcement cages and connect them with frameworks of steps through the acting rods. Fill in parapets with concrete.

6. In two days remove timbering from porch. You do not go on street ladder at least two weeks after its filling. Concrete has to gain durability. As soon as it occurs, it is possible to start welding of metal handrail if the project has provided them, and to finishing of porch.

7. Under metal handrail weld the hand-rail which is previously revetted with tree and crossbars on columns. Porch steps from concrete, the top site and parapets it is possible to trim with paving slabs, granite, marble or any other suitable material.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team