How to make professional make-up

How to make professional make-up

woman is in own way beautiful - it is the fact. But makeup artists are capable to turn literally in couple of strishk each woman into the beauty queen. It is a pity that professional make-up – service very expensive, and many women are able to afford it to themselves only in the most solemn occasions. But there is a wish to be beautiful every day. For this purpose it is enough to learn to do professional make-up independently.

It is required to you

  • The peeling moistening cream, the proofreader, liquid foundation or foundation, powder, blush, mascara, shadows or eyeliner, lipstick or lip gloss


  1. Preparation of face skin will be the very first step. It is very important to remove the keratosic parts from skin. Only in this case the tone of skin will be equal. Soft peeling accurately process face, avoiding the inflamed sites. Then wash away peeling and dry up face. Liquid foundation lays down on the moisturized skin more exactly therefore apply the moisturizing cream to skin.
  2. Now it is a high time to look in mirror and to find sites which demand special work. Take the proofreader and accurately paint over shadows under the eyes, pigmental spots and heat-spots. Then cover all skin with liquid foundation, including eyelids. Professionals advise to tint also neck that there was no sharp contrast, and nothing gave artificiality of your shape.
  3. Now your person of ideal equal color, but looks unnaturally faintly and blankly. Our following task is to give to the face of color by means of blush and the bronzing powder. Blush is applied with horizontal movements on cheeks and the line conducting to temples. Powder is applied on forehead, nose and chin.
  4. The person has gained beautiful natural color. Now it is a high time to pay attention to eyes. If you need festive make-up, use shadows and black ink. If you need daily make-up, it is enough to cover upper eyelashes with dark ink and to slightly use eye shadow in the area of upper eyelid.
  5. Similar situation and with lips. For daily make-up the gloss or lip balm suffices. For bright evening make-up use dark lipstick and subvodka pencil for lips. Professionals have shared small secret: in order that lipstick kept longer and more exactly, it is necessary to put one layer of lipstick and to accurately blot lips with napkin. Then it is necessary to cover lips with powder and to put one more layer of lipstick. Resistant and bright color is guaranteed to you.
  6. The make-up is ready. It is possible to set result by the matting powder, and it is possible to leave to the person easy shine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team