How to make pyrolysis boiler

How to make pyrolysis boiler

Thinking of inexpensive heating of country house, pay attention to pyrolysis boilers. By the way, you can make such boiler using normal firewood and not to depend neither on gas supply, nor on interruptions in electricity.


1. Deciding to make pyrolysis boiler, at first find maximum of information on this type of heating appliance and its features. At the same time count what type of burning is optimum for your heated building – with slot-hole torch or on grid-irons. Then perform all necessary operations. First, visit specialized shop and buy the necessary parts. Production of boiler will require steel metal sheets 4-6 millimeters thick, steel pipes, strong pig-iron leaf, grid iron, round rod.

2. Surely buy electrodes as you will not be able to manufacture reliable pyrolysis boiler without implementation of welding. Besides these materials, surely buy the centrifugal fan and shamotny brick, asbestos cord for high-quality consolidation and also various gayechka and bolts of necessary diameter. Secondly, thinking how to make pyrolysis boiler, make its exact scheme where places of water supply and air, fire chamber and the heat exchanger will be in detail designated. You do not seek to create the scheme of boiler from scratch, use its skeleton diagram which can be found without effort in the Internet, introduce in it only amendments and changes necessary for you.

3. the hands, take the scheme of such heating appliance on 40 kW developed by the designer Belyaev as basis and then optimize it under laser cutting with reduction of quantity of the used parts. Change boiler design so that its internal volume remained invariable, but at the same time the heat exchanger shirt has significantly increased. Further connect all parts of future boiler, accurately following the scheme. Remember that in this case as the heat carrier air which is capable to warm up the room without possible heatlosses is used.

4. It is optional to provide tightness of pipes as for pyrolysis boiler leaks and possibility of razmerzaniye of system are uncharacteristic. Therefore this heating appliance is considered ideal option for its installation at the dacha to heat it firewood only occasionally. After the boiler is assembled according to the scheme, start its installation and further test. Correctly manufactured pyrolysis boiler has to come quickly to the necessary mode, and the system has to get warm at most for half an hour, at the same time air temperature indoors usually rises pretty fast.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team