How to make rack of tree

How to make rack of tree

The rack is multipurpose subject of interior which will fill with itself(himself) niche or will separate living space into zones. You can load its regiments heavy volumes or lovely knickknacks which will decorate your room. Decide on purpose of rack, get boards or furniture board of the necessary sizes, make to yourself workplace and start production.

It is required to you

  • - eaves boards;
  • - plywood or fibreboard;
  • - furniture screws;
  • - metal corners;
  • - electrofret saw;
  • - screw-driver or screw driver;
  • - abrasive paper or grinder;
  • - varnish or paint;
  • - acrylic putty;
  • - rubber palette;
  • - roller or brushes.


1. Take tape measure and measure that site of the room where the rack will be located. If you are going to make the space for books or for banks in the utility room, then it makes sense to make rack the highest. On the top shelves you will put what most less often you use, and fill regiments with more running objects below.

2. Draw the sketch of future rack. Estimate what it will have depth. If you want to make bookstack, attentively examine the library. In self-made rack you can adjust distance between regiments so that books stood in a row, but were not pressed in piles that is very harmful to them. Make one or two shelves for books of big format, and leave other space for literature of more standard dimensions.

3. Pay attention to width of your rack. If on shelves there are different easy objects - vases, toys, souvenirs, then it is possible to use well processed boards 25 mm thick and up to 2 m long. Your design will be steady and will not lead the shelf. And here at heavy loadings - banks with preparations, books – calculate additional support between regiments that there was no deflection.

4. Saw wooden blanks by the sizes. You have to have two high side pillars and regiments between them.

5. Process each wooden part abrasive paper or the grinder. Try to make faces of all shelves and racks absolutely equal. Rub off boards damp rag that there was no excess dust.

6. Mark with pencil those places on racks where regiments will fasten. To the measurements taken of books or other objects which will be on shelves add on couple of centimeters in height that it was convenient to use rack contents.

7. Collect rack by means of self-tapping screws. Drown iron hats in wooden racks a little. Then cover them with acrylic putty. Dry up these places and walk in them nazhdachka. Then racks from outer side will be absolutely equal.

8. Upholster back wall of rack with plywood or hardboard. It will give to your product additional rigidity.

9. Cover collected furniture with varnish or paint. Completely dry up.

10. If your rack is established to wall, then attach it metal corners. Screw corners one party on the top shelf, and the second - on wall. Perhaps, you will need to cut at wooden racks of dredging under plinth that the rack became more dense.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team