How to make ready for the winter fruit-trees and bushes

How to make ready for the winter fruit-trees and bushes

From that, will how well winter fruit-trees and bushes in garden, the harvest of next year depends. Task of gardeners in the fall - to treat plants and to protect them weather stresses, wreckers and rodents.

How to process trees?

To save plants from spring solar burns, it is necessary to whitewash them lime. Whitewashing protects trunk from heating and cracking of bark because reflects sunshine.

For protection against rodents the plastering of trunks clay and mullein is effective. For this purpose it is necessary to dissolve clay in half with fresh mullein and to add ashes then to apply with brush on trunks and large branches. This structure is very useful to tree: it feeds bark, destroys pathogenic bacteria and hit is interfered by dispute of parasitic fungi in wounds.

If on trees hollows were formed, they cannot be disregarded. By means of chisel it is necessary to remove the decayed wood to healthy layer and to disinfect hole 5% solution of iron vitriol. To fill the cleaned cavity with small crushed stone or crushed brick and to fill in with the cement slurry prepared from 1 part of cement and 6 parts of sand. To cover hollow ""aflush"", i.e. level with bark, excepting ledge of ""seal"".

It is very useful to carry out purification of bark of wreckers who often settle in cracks and small wounds and also from old bark and lichens. It becomes by means of metal brush, scraper or special wooden knife. Under trees it is necessary to lay polyethylene film that wreckers fell on it, but not to the soil. The sick and died-off bark with the showered wreckers needs to be burned, and to miss the mark trunks and skeletal branches after cleaning with solution of svezhegasheny lime.

Before closing of summer season if weather dry is also not present abundant rains, trees and bushes should be watered. Watering is useful that it protects plants from destruction by frost, however, before it is necessary to estimate attentively soil condition not to do much harm to plants excessive moisture. Under adult apple-trees and pears pour out from 30 to 40 buckets of water, under cherry and plum - from 15 to 20 buckets, under currant and raspberry - 5-8 buckets on 1 square meter of pristvolny circle.

How to make ready for the winter fruit bushes?

First of all, it is necessary to liquidate the dried-up and sick escapes and also excess young growth. To make cutting at the roots of old branches which are more than 5 years old. At raspberry to cut otplodonosivshy biannual escapes.

To process and form krone at bushes. To untie and bend down escapes of raspberry to the earth, so they will easier winter. The soil about raspberry is not dug over in the fall but only loosen and powdered with peat and humus. Mulching is not recommended by dry grass and sawdust, it is the excellent environment for nesting of rodents.

Gooseberry, currant, raspberry and other bushes it is good to feed up superphosphate in the fall. Under one adult bush 100-120 g introduce fertilizers. Also sulfate potassium - 20-40 grams is brought. Time in 3 years under all bushes introduce organic fertilizers - compost, manure (at the rate of 4-6 buckets of manure on 1 square meter).

Late fall at bushes it is better to remove supports that bushes have not frozen, and to return them into place in the spring.

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