How to make ready for the winter lilies

How to make ready for the winter lilies

Lilies please with the blossoming. That and the next year to have opportunity to admire such beauty, it is necessary to know how it is correct to prepare lilies for cold weather – to cover and provide optimal conditions of wintering.

It is necessary to look after lilies not only in the spring, in the summer during their growth, blossoming, but also in the fall. From that, lilies are how well made ready for the winter, in many respects depends what they will create bulb whether will be ill and as will transfer frosts.

We begin preparation for winter at the end of summer

Preparation for winter which is serious test for any plant is begun early – at once after blossoming of lilies. It is important to feed up plant at this time, then it will manage to create to frosts large bulb which has more, than at small, chance to winter. Besides from such planting stock the next year large flowers will appear.

That buds were volume after the lily has faded, it is impossible to cut off its stalk, especially at the roots at all. If you so make, then deprive opportunity tuber to take nutritious elements from stalk and grow. After blossoming it is necessary to gnaw round leaves from spray the Bordeaux liquid.

That the lily has well wintered, 2 times are necessary – at the beginning of August and the beginning of September to feed up it the fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium. Nitric from the second half of summer of lily do not feed up.

In 5 liters of hot water dissolve teaspoon of the crushed superphosphate and as much potash salt. Stir solution. When it cools down to warm state, water under back 500 ml on each plant. Next day after waterings and fertilizing the earth needs to be loosened.

The shelter of lilies for the winter

In southern latitudes of our country of lily perfectly winter without shelter. In averages – the expediency of this procedure depends on grade. So, Asian hybrids, grade royal, pennsylvanian, daursky well winter also without warming. In northern regions it is necessary to warm tubers. And "gentle" hybrids: American, tubular, east warm also in mid-latitudes. For this purpose in the middle – the end of September it is necessary to cut off small stalk, having left stump which on 3-4 cm will tower from the earth.

Lilies avoid damp. Therefore the earth under them at the beginning of October is covered with cellophane. Then during the wintering the soil under plant will be dry and it will help lily to winter well.

To make lily ready for the winter, at the end of October into place where the onion is located, fill peat, layer of 5-7 cm, and from above stack fir twigs. It will not give the chance to rodents to damage tuber. From above put film and press down it at the edges stones or sticks. The shelter is removed at the end of April. If there is warm weather, then in the middle of this month. The lily will perfectly winter and will blossom magnificently and for a long time in the summer, sparkling glossy surface of the leaves as if diamond.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team