How to make ready for the winter pletisty rose

How to make ready for the winter pletisty rose

Modern grades of roses perfectly grow not only in the southern regions, but also in midland of Russia, and in Siberia. If to provide them the correct shelter during the winter period, then they will well transfer cold weather and will please you with magnificent blossoming.

How to bend down sprouts of pletisty rose

Preparation of roses for winter needs to be begun prior to the beginning of steady frosts. Prishchipnite at rose flowers, whenever possible cut off leaves secateurs. It will help to suspend excess evaporation of moisture. Besides in the winter shelter the leaves can become the center of mushroom diseases.

Remove Pletisty roses of the Rambler group with flexible lashes from support, contract escapes by ring. At roses of the Klaymber and Kordesa group - thick and rigid stalks therefore it is very difficult to bend down them to the earth, but it is possible. Do it very carefully that bark on escapes has not burst. Pull together branches with twine and begin to bend down. It should be done only in warm weather until escapes have lost flexibility, and bend down them gradually, within several days. If at you it turns out to bend down roses to the earth, attach escapes by wire, hill on 25 cm at the basis. Fill up with sawdust or cover lashes with fir twigs.

Happens so that run too thick and they do not manage to be laid, it is possible to try to warm rose in vertical position. Together with support tie with its fir twigs or nonwoven ukryvny fabric, for example spandbody or lutrasily.

It is not necessary to cut off pletisty roses by winter as the next year you risk to receive instead of them ordinary bush plants.

How to make the shelter for roses

On the soil put fir twigs or boards and lay on them lashes. From above cover with several branches of fir twigs and the sheet of roofing material that has not demolished design, at the edges of roofing material put cargo.

Put shelters only in good weather.

The best shelter in frosts is snow, snow cover significantly helps plants to endure cold weather. If snow is not enough or blows it from the place where pletisty roses grow, periodically pour it or arrange design from boards for snow retention. Some flower growers advise to cover roses with wooden boards about 80 cm wide and necessary length. They are put over the bent-down sprouts of pletisty roses like double-pitch roof. That boards have not parted, and the shelter has not collapsed, drive in pegs into the earth. With the onset of cold weather the design is covered with polyethylene film, and it is possible to use its pieces. During thaw it is very simple to slightly open such shelter to prevent perishing of roses.

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