How to make regiments in the storeroom

How to make regiments in the storeroom

In the apartment many people have storeroom in which to be stored heap of all kinds of things and objects. That they were convenient to be stored, and, above all - it is easy to find the necessary subject if necessary, it is necessary to build spacious and strong regiments.


1. Measure width of the storeroom and cut planed tes the necessary length.

2. In front wall drill openings for hinged brackets. It is necessary to fasten them in three-four places, depending on width of the storeroom and length of future shelves. The bracket for attaching should be taken strong - from steel, but not plastic.

3. Put on bracket tes. Rental reliable shelves which it is possible to make so much, as much as necessary have turned out. The main thing - that was enough the place.

4. It is possible to act simpler. On each side walls fasten bar flush with other wall and put on it tes. If tes establish rather fat and strong, then average holders there is no need.

5. Also regiments can be made in the form of the rack. For this purpose weld the design consisting of side pillars and partitions by means of welding and fix on shelf partitions by the size which can be made of Teso, iron or the pressed wood boards.

6. The most reliable option of design is fixing of shelves on iron corner.

7. Cut off corner by the wall width size. Drill it in several places. Try on to wall and note places in which it is necessary to drill wall for fastening of corner.

8. On the other hand do the same walls.

9. Fasten so many couples of corners, how many shelves you are going to make.

10. Fix on shelf brackets from Teso, the pressed wood boards or the sheet of iron.

11. On the top shelves it is possible to put things which are useful to you very seldom. On shelves which are in sight it is possible to put what is required constantly or quite often.

12. The lower regiments can be used under marinades which have brought from cellar, potato and other vegetables.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team