How to make reinforced concrete rings for well with own hands

How to make reinforced concrete rings for well with own hands

Use of reinforced concrete rings for strengthening of walls of wells has number of unconditional advantages. Can serve such products, for example, much longer even the most qualitative timber. At the same time mounting of rings takes much less time, than facing of walls of well with the same rubble stone. It is possible to make concrete products of this type if necessary even the hands.

The technology of independent casting of rings from concrete does not differ in special complexity. Some difficulties at the owner of the site at production of similar products can arise, perhaps, only with assembly of timbering. However in order that rings finally have turned out strong and really durable, the owner of well will need to pick up, of course, correctly materials actually for their filling.

What it is possible to make form of

Reinforced concrete rings usually in the timberings made from are filled in:

  • steel sheet;

In both of these cases the ready form represents the precast structure consisting of several parts. Continuous the timbering for filling of reinforced concrete rings cannot be done. Upon termination of hardening of cement slurry the finished product will be very difficult to be got from form of similar design.

From sheet steel the timbering of this type is cut out the Bulgarian with preliminary cutting. Further metal is given the corresponding form by bending and enshrine in such provision.

For production of wooden mold:

  • Weld four narrow metal rings. Diameter of these elements of timbering is selected according to the inside and outer diameter of future concrete product.
  • The rings made thus board vertically. Timber for assembly of such timbering should be taken not too wide.
  • Separate internal and external parts of the turned-out timbering into compartments.
  • Manufacture locks for connection of arc-shaped parts of form. 

What sizes the reinforced concrete ring has to have

When choosing dimensions of similar product it is worth being guided, of course, first of all by the existing standards. Finally the ring has to turn out the strongest. Otherwise at arrangement of well such product can collapse simply.

In the market it is possible to get generally standard rings having height in 900 mm today. There are on sale and other options of similar products — on 500, 450 and 350 mm. But ready rings of this version are considered as doborny and when strengthening walls of wells are most often used only on the top. That is in case the standard ring does not approach on height.

In house conditions of ring also usually cast 900 mm high. But to move products of such dimensions to installation site, even by rolling, alone it can be difficult nevertheless. Therefore in the absence of assistants, perhaps, it makes sense and to make rings of smaller height.

Standard diameter of concrete articles of this type usually is 1-2 m. At the same time thickness of wall of ring can fluctuate within 70-140 mm. Such norms are provided for the products which are poured out of only one concrete. Rings are recommended to be filled in with the hands nevertheless with additional reinforcing. When using of the metal strengthening framework thickness of such products made independently, maybe by smaller — 60-80 mm. 

What is required for filling

To make concrete ring with own hands, it is necessary to prepare:

  • cement, sand, gravel;
  • grid for sand sifting;
  • concrete mixer;
  • shovel, wheelbarrow, buckets;
  • polyethylene film.

Also the reinforcing rod for strengthening of walls of product is required.

As it is correct to choose materials for filling

In use in well the concrete rings will be exposed to continuous influence of water. And therefore that they have served as long as possible, for their production it is necessary to use only the most quality materials, of course. Cement for filling it is desirable to take hydrophobic. But it is possible to use and normal, brands are not lower than "400".

As filler at production of concrete rings the hands usually use quartz sand. Availability in this material of any organic inclusions can affect quality of finished product very negatively. Therefore before solution mixing quartz sand surely should be sifted and washed with water.

One more component of mix for filling of well rings is gravel. It is considered that exclusively granite material of this type is suitable for production of similar concrete products. It is necessary to select for filling of rings gravel of cubic form, not too strongly rounded. Lamellar material of this version is not suitable for similar products.

It is necessary to pay attention when choosing gravel, in addition, and to its fraction. Too small such filler should not be. It is not allowed to use for filling and such gravel at which there are stones, more than ¼ thickness in size wall of future ring.

How to make solution

It is the best of all to prepare solution for filling of well rings in the concrete mixer. The manual batch is also admissible. However in the concrete mixer ready solution anyway will turn out much with higher quality. It is connected with the fact that when using the similar equipment mix comes out much more uniform in structure.

Too liquid, of course, you should not do solution for production of rings. Otherwise finally the product will turn out fragile. The consistence of ready solution has to be such that it did not flow down from shovel and at the same time did not stick to it lumps.

Make solution for filling of rings usually in proportion cement/gravel/sand as 1:2:4. The strengthening framework for ring knit with use of steel rod not less than 8 mm thick. To use rusty armature for production of such products it is not allowed. Such rods before application without fail should be cleaned.

Laying of solution in timbering

It is necessary to fill in rings for well in one step. Products it is rather small and to make fast laying of solution with own hands, most likely, will not make special work. When performing filling, in addition, it is necessary to watch that in cement and sand mix there was no air bubble left. For this purpose solution in timbering needs to be pierced steel rod from time to time.

If rings are supposed to be established in already ready well by means of special equipment, at fabrication stage in them it is necessary to pour in steel loops for fastening of rope. In the subsequent at assembly of the strengthening layer in the mine these elements should be cut off the Bulgarian.

After solution laying the upper part of ring needs to be covered with polyethylene. It is possible to remove timbering from the finished stiffened product not earlier than in two days. At once you should not use rings for designated purpose. It is necessary to wait for concrete maturing. It is process usually takes not less than 28 days. Within the first two weeks after filling the ready rings need to be humidified with water at least once a day. It will prevent cracking of top layer of concrete.

Installation of rings

The wells which are already available on the site concrete rings become stronger usually with use of special equipment. As a last resort it is possible to apply also some self-made rather reliable lifting gear. But anyway works on installation of rings in well should be performed most carefully. It is necessary to place them in the mine only with assistants.

The new concrete well on the site can be equipped also without use of special equipment or additional mechanisms. In this case:

  • the ring moves by rolling to the place of future well;
  • the product turns over from edge in normal situation;
  • from under ring the portions take out soil until it is not buried to the earth to the top edge;
  • the top edge of product is coated with concrete mix then it the following ring is established.

According to such scheme works are continued until reach necessary depth. Further fix rings by plates or brackets that they did not move. Finish works as production of cover for new well, for example, from sheet metal plate and installation of the elevator for buckets or pumping equipment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team