How to make rolled curtains on plastic windows without drilling

How to make rolled curtains on plastic windows without drilling

Rolled curtains – the modern decision in registration of windows. Especially they show to advantage at plastic windows. Mass distribution rolshtor speaks not only simplicity of their operation and esthetic exterior for every taste. Big advantage of rollets is that them it is possible to fix to windows without drilling.

As rolled curtains work

Rolled curtains consist of actually cloth of curtain and mobile shaft holder on which the curtain is fixed and displaced. The system of fastening of many models of rollets does not provide use of self-tapping screws and perforation of window shutter.

Functioning of such designs is based on the principle of work of so-called Roman curtains, but adapted to modern materials and fixing parts. Installation of such curtains does not demand availability of special skills, it can do to any hostess.

The main advantages such rolshtor are reliability and simplicity. The curtain frames established without drilling of profile for plastic windows can be found several types differing with both technology of mounting, and design. To make right choice, it is necessary to study characteristics of each model in detail.

As there are rolshtor to installation without perforation of window

Rollets of class "mini" are considered as one of the most budgetary and simple options. Among their technical features:

  • open shaft;
  • the cloth stretches for all perimeter of aperture under the influence of the weighting compound established on bottom edge;
  • various fixers for exception of kolykhaniye of bottom edge of curtain are used.

The following option - cassette model of rollets, it differs from "mini" in the fact that the shaft with cloth buries compact box which can be chosen to match or the impressive drawing of frame. Therefore in folded look the curtain of cassette type is almost imperceptible.

There is also combined mini-cassette model of curtains. It is established on separate shutters of window therefore do not interfere with their opening and closing. The cloth also in box which is fixed on the top level of shutter cleans up. Such rollets are subdivided into two options:

  • UNI 1 is calculated on wide fillets as guides for curtain are fixed on their internal part on all perimeter of double-glazed window, and the box is mounted on the top level of shutter of window. The curtain cloth in this case is as close as possible to the surface of glass.
  • UNI 2 differs from the first model in fastening of guides on external part of fillet on both parties from double-glazed window. The box is mounted also - on the top level of window shutter.

Mounting of rolled curtain of class "mini" on the opening shutter of plastic window

For installation of design on window of the opening type it is necessary to prepare the following parts and materials:

  • rolled curtain on the roller,
  • lifting chain gear,
  • brackets,
  • clips for fixing and special, construction double-sided adhesive tape.

Brackets are intended not just for gearing for window shutter, in addition they need to be fixed to it by means of bilateral adhesive tape. Therefore, first of all, contact pads where the adhesive tape is supposed to be pasted, should be degreased and dried carefully.

And later on platforms it is necessary to paste small pieces of bilateral adhesive tape, and the second sticky party has to be closed so far. Further brackets by means of special fastening need to be connected to the holders having thorn groove. With curtain it is necessary to put on the chain mechanism one of sides of the roller and to establish on places brackets with holders.

The following step carries out fitting. For this purpose the collected design attacks brackets on upper part of open window and is leveled, at the same time the correct provision of curtain on window frame is defined. Further it is necessary to execute marking in the place of exact arrangement of brackets. It is required that after degreasing and surface preparation it is dense to record brackets on bilateral adhesive tape.

Degreasing of outer side of surface of plastic window can be carried out only by means of means, especially for this intended, it is as a last resort allowed to use normal alcohol. Other options of organic solvents – are strictly contraindicated. Having degreased level for fastening, surfaces allow to dry well.

After that already from the adhesive tape pasted on brackets the protective film of the second sticky layer is removed. Brackets are already finally put on the top level of shutter of open double-glazed window and strongly nestle on its surface. At the same time it is necessary to latch against the stop the clip provided on bracket.

The second bracket is the same way mounted and fixed. Then on that party where on bracket there is thorn with gear, the chain mechanism for lifting and lowering of curtain is installed.

In conclusion it is necessary to insert the roller with curtain into the brackets which are finally recorded on window frames. It is necessary to do it very accurately not to damage plastic parts. Brackets have to fix rather densely among themselves the roller.

Now it is possible to check operability of collected design, transmitting necessary effort through chain, check lowering of curtain and its folding back for the roller.

Mounting of rolled curtain of class of plastic window, "mini" on deaf shutter

On not opening window the installation of rolled curtain by means of brackets hooks is impossible. But it is not necessary to perforate anything, in this case it is necessary to use fastening option on special plates with grooves for snapping on them of holders who represent side brackets with gear.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • When mounting on "deaf" window the surface for fastening is also degreased by special structure or alcohol. Then on plastic the double-sided adhesive tape, and already on it – plates is pasted. Then on them side brackets are fixed.
  • Further on gear the mechanism lifting curtain is mounted, and brackets are inserted into the roller. After that all design is tried on on "deaf" window, at it the necessary provision of cloth of curtain is noted. Thus, brackets will keep only on adhesive tape, on the top level of window frame.
  • The place where plates with side brackets holders will be fixed, well degrease. Further from adhesive tape the protective film cleans up. Brackets are established on the places noted when fitting, nestle with effort and stick to 10-15 seconds.
  • In conclusion the chain mechanism from outside where there is gear is put on the roller, and the roller fastens at window in the prepared brackets. After that it is possible to check operation of the mechanism, several times lower and lift curtain cloth.

Installation on plastic window of rolled curtains of cassette type

In this case complete with rolled curtains there are guides for installation. In some models of rollets from number of producers () the special adhesive tape is already applied on all fixed elements. Therefore when mounting it is only required to remove protective film and to paste elements on in advance marked surface.

The cassette option of rolled curtains is on sale in assembled form, it means that the curtain is already fixed in box therefore it will be simple to establish such design on window frame. The box of this type rolshtor will need to be hung up on the top level of window shutter.

However and here before final fixing plastic frame it is necessary to degrease and note on it places of fastening. It is necessary that the cassette box has risen ideally exactly on the center of plain glass and it is horizontal as the curtain will have to get to the guides established strictly vertically on both sides of double-glazed window.

At the next stage on the degreased site before fixing, it is necessary to try on box. Further it is necessary to remove from the adhesive tape located on its back wall protective film, and all design strong to press to the top level of shutter of window.

Then there comes the turn of gluing of guides. Depending on type of curtain, UNI 1 or UNI 2, they are established on outer side of fillet or on internal, to one of the parties in this option being fixed to glass.

Mounting of guides of rolled curtains of cassette type

When mounting UNI 2 curtain the guide will pass on outer side of fillet. If the producer on guides has already put adhesive tape, then all elements are tried on at first, trying to obtain full combination with box.

If the adhesive tape in this model of rolled curtains not was producer is provided, so it needs to be pasted previously on that plane of guide which will adjoin to shutter surface. It is necessary to paste after degreasing of surface.

Further from adhesive tape acts a little, 3-4 cm, protective film, and the guide is mounted in box and to fillet. Holding vertical guide on the place with one hand, other hand accurately and slowly remove protective film from all adhesive tape. When all film is removed, the guide needs to be pressed strongly to fillet for 5-10 seconds.

The second vertical guide on fillet on the opposite side of window will fasten the same way. After fixing of guides bring blind cloth that it could go freely in them to them.

At the next stage on the lifting chain mechanism the fixing ring is attached on the place, it will not allow chain to slip on gear. In conclusion also tests of rollets for lowering and lifting of curtain are carried out up.

Apparently, installation of option of cassette rolled curtains is a little simpler, than rollets of class "mini", but also that, and other model is quite available to mounting by own efforts and without drilling of frame. The main thing – it is true to mark everything, then installation and assembly of all parts will take place easily and quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team