How to make sandbox for children with own hands

How to make sandbox for children with own hands

For a start it is necessary to decide on the sizes of sandbox and the site. If in your family several children, then it is necessary to make it more, for example 2.5*2.2 and if one, then 1.5*1.5. Sandbox it is better to arrange on the light and dry place.

Sandbox the hands.

The hole by the sizes of sandbox and 20 cm in depth is dug out. On corners small columns of 7*7 cm are driven in into the earth, the rest above the ground has to be about 20 cm. We connect columns among themselves the roofing boards sawed in the size. And boards need to be palmed off and deep into lands from outer end. Over columns we fill boards, about 15 cm wide, it is desirable planed. They will serve at the same time and as seat for children. Instead of nails it is possible to use self-tapping screws and the screw driver. If the sandbox sizes big, then are established additional columns in the middle of each wall.

Over sandbox it is possible to make simple canopy: four columns on corners and the pitched roof covered with polycarbonate; or to make cover to cover sandbox on winter time and when nobody in it plays. The cover can be attached by means of door loop and to separate it on in half.

One more way to cover sandbox from Soviet period, so-called "fungus": in the center the column 1.5 m high and primitive Italian roof is established.

Now it is possible to start filling of sandbox with sand. It is filled slightly above ground level, leaving about 10 cm to sandbox top. It is the best of all to use slightly damp sand without the maintenance of stones and clay.

Besides cover for the winter the sandbox is covered with in addition dense fabric, film or tarpaulin. The wooden making sandboxes demand painting and antiseptizations – it will allow to keep its suitability for use for longer term.

Your children by all means will tell you thanks and will thank you good behavior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team