How to make sandwich pipe

How to make sandwich pipe

The flue made of sendvich-pipe is ideal for installation in baths, inhabited and farm buildings. Today these exhaust designs are more popular, than traditional brick. Having the necessary material, the sendvich-pipe can be made independently.

It is required to you

  • - stainless steel pipes
  • - basalt cotton wool
  • - self-tapping screws
  • - galvanized iron
  • - T-coupler


1. The flue represents the channel via which the hot smoke which is going out of the furnace leaves the room. Therefore air in it heats up to very high temperature. Therefore, materials of which make sandwich have to meet the following requirements: to be strong, durable, capable to sustain high temperature load, fire-resistant, with the minimum thermal expansion coefficient.

2. The design of sendvich-flue is quite simple: it consists of external and internal pipes between which the layer of non-combustible thermal insulation material is laid. The main complexity arises when mounting flue in places of its passing through the top overlapping and roof.

3. As external and internal pipes it is possible to take the products of suitable diameter made of stainless steel. But the external pipe can be copper or brass. You should not use galvanized products: they have high thermal capacity therefore their diameter will inevitably change. Therefore, the optimum choice – stainless steel.

4. As heat insulator it is recommended to use basalt cotton wool. However, if the room is heated by means of boilers of industrial production, but not the traditional furnace, pipes can be heat-insulated glass wool. And internal has to be much thinner than external. It is connected with the fact that temperature of the coming-out gases will not exceed 120 wasps (oven smoke heats up to 800 wasps). If the house is warmed with the furnace, the internal wall pipe in sendvich-design has to be thick as tin will burn through pretty fast. Heater here – only basalt fiber.

5. If the flue in the house serviceable is also laid out brick, this design can be turned into sendvich-pipe too. For this purpose it needs to be enveloped layer of basalt cotton wool and to cover it with cloths of sheet galvanization. It is fastened to the help of self-tapping screws. In the course of work it is impossible to fix heat insulator by means of ropes or wire: they will quickly burn down, at the same time having polluted vatu and having reduced its heat-insulating properties.

6. The correct mounting also is not less important for sendvich-pipe. It has to be carried out taking into account that on internal wall the condensate mixed with soot will inevitably accumulate. Such liquid is chemically extremely aggressive and needs branch. It is carried out on inclined sites of flue. If there are no those, it is possible to use horizontal. For the device of removal of moisture with soot build in the special T-coupler flue.

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