How to make scarecrow

How to make scarecrow

For a long time there have passed those times when the garden scarecrow intended only for scaring away of birds. Modern gardeners and gardeners use this garden stock as original decoration of the site. It is simple to make scarecrow the hands.

It is required to you

  • - two long direct sticks;
  • - nails;
  • - wire;
  • - straw, sintepon, cotton wool, foam rubber, old rags;
  • - buttons, acrylic threads, color plastic jars;
  • - black and red marker;
  • - kapron stocking;
  • - clothes for scarecrow (shirt, trousers, skirt, boots, gloves)


1. Impose at each other two wooden poles so that the cross has turned out. If you are going to make scarecrow height about human growth, trace that the distance from top of the turned-out figure before crossing of sticks has made about 30 cm. In order that further it was easier for you to fix skirt or trousers on scarecrow, add one more small horizontal crossbeam to cross.

2. Begin production of the scarecrow with the head. For this purpose you can be necessary both traditional straw, and the most unexpected materials. You can make the doll head of plastic bottle, pumpkin, small pillow, the pillowcase filled by foam rubber, polyfoam or cotton wool. Attach hat, cap, cap or hat to the head.

3. To scarecrow make eyes of big buttons, color plastic jars from the mayonnaise or yogurt which are not burning out in the sun or embroider them with color acrylic threads. Do not forget about eyelashes. You can draw them with black felt-tip pen.

4. Having thrust small lump of sintepon or foam rubber in kapron stocking, you receive volume impressive nose of garden doll. You can draw mouth on face of scarecrow with red marker or embroider with pink threads. Make hair of bast, velvet paper, finishing fringe or yarn. Experiment over hairstyle: braid to braid doll in national style or make by it fashionable mohawk.

5. Put on shirt or blouse horizontal stick, button it and densely fill straw, dry leaves, old rags or sintepon. In order that filler has not dropped out, tie bottom of shirt strong rope or elastic band.

6. Now put on trousers scarecrow. Make it so that in one trouser-leg the vertical stick – basis has been pushed, and other trouser-leg freely dangled. To put on skirt much more simply, for this purpose it is enough to pull its upper edge on the lower horizontal stick of framework. Fill trousers or skirt anything: straw, sintepon, cotton wool, old rags.

7. Fill bottom of the filled shirt or blouse in trousers or skirt. Decorate waist of scarecrow with decorative belt as which use easy nasheyny scarf, leather or textile belt or old raincoat, dressing gown or coat belt.

8. To scarecrow put on the working mittens or rag gloves filled by sintepon, straw or foam rubber hands, and put on legs in old sneakers, boots or boots.

9. Very originally the scarecrow dressed in set of bright overalls, in business suit with tie on neck in sports suit and even in self-made wedding dress looks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team