How to make self-made knife

How to make self-made knife

Knife - irreplaceable attribute in each kitchen, in pocket of each hunter and fisher. Often knives do not conform to our requirements and it is necessary to change them again and again, buying new. It is possible to make really good and convenient knife for himself independently, considering features of the hand and the preferences in edge and the handle.

1. It is possible to make knife in several ways. The first is to buy ready edge and to install it on the handle. Such way easy, however it demands often a lot of money and time for search of suitable materials. For this reason it should be taken into account the second way of independent production of knife more available.

2. Buy normal kitchen knife of the required size in the market. Remove the handle.

3. Undermine and finish plate of your blade on sandpaper. Give from the handle to plate the necessary profile which will correspond to the planned handle. All these works can be performed in several hours and you will have such knife which will suit you.

4. Cover (wind) over thread the handle in several layers with beautiful tape, rag, insulating tape, previously having greased the handle with glue. Do not forget to leave the place of emphasis for fingers, out of need file file, having given the necessary form. You can choose winding layer, here it is important to consider what you would like to see the handle and to what purposes the knife will be applied. If you need the rigid and rough handle, then on glue it is possible to place bank sand, sawdust, stones and other small objects.

5. Cut wooden pads for the handle. Paste pads to plate. Reel up on the pasted pads thread in one layer on all length. Such winding will not allow pads to keep exactly, without being displaced aside. Wait for glue drying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team