How to make self-made power-saw bench

How to make self-made power-saw bench

If you plan construction of the house or additional farm buildings, own power-saw bench can facilitate this task very strongly. Modern woodworking machines differ in big reliability and multifunctionality. Their only shortcoming is high price. If you have no opportunity to buy the professional machine, it is possible to try to manufacture it the hands.

It is required to you

  • - 4 wheels or ball-bearing;
  • - welding machine;
  • - steel corner of 60х60 mm in size;
  • - electric motor;
  • - pieces of profile pipe;
  • - channel;
  • - steel sheet 1 mm thick;
  • - bolts.


1. Make the cart. For this purpose weld frame from steel corner and attach to it four wheel axes. Weld on frame brackets with plate for the electric motor.

2. Establish and adjust wheels.

3. Make cardboard template of track. Weld on pieces of profile pipe channel guides with small disorder outside. Being verified with template, adjust track by means of laying under channel so that between wheels and the top shelf of channel there was gap in 1-2 mm. Laying under channel can be made of steel sheet.

4. Mark both guides under 11 cross ties. Using linings, weld cross ties at first on one of guides. Being verified with template and using clamps, weld cross ties on the second guide. Make sure that the cart easily moves on rails.

5. Make special "comb" of steel corner and attach it by means of bolts to the long end of the main cross ties.

6. The circular saw is established on mobile part of power-saw bench in such a way that the cut material nestles on comb. It allows to facilitate work of the operator of power-saw bench and together with it, is one of security measures. The steel housing which is partially closing saw blade also serves for strengthening of security measures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team