How to make semi-antique furniture

How to make semi-antique furniture

You have thought of somehow to change space of the room. It is possible that old home decoration has become outdated, obsharpatsya and have just bothered, and you are not going to make large sums in updating. Then pick up tools, look at the interior magazines or the websites devoted to repair and give to your furniture raid of noble old times by means of craquelure.

It is required to you

  • - two-step crackle lacquer;
  • - ready ornament or napkins;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - brushes;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - acrylic lacquer;
  • - water-based primer;
  • - grinder or remover for paint.


1. Make "semi-antique" furniture, having covered some wooden surfaces in the room with thin web of cracks. Paints and varnishes are damaged over time so create accelerated aging by means of the simple devices bought in art shop.

2. Think what from furniture best of all will be suitable for transformation. Begin with small subject. It can be bedside table, chair or small dresser.

3. Exempt furniture from handles, locks and other decorative accessories. Put the prepared interior subject on the outspread newspapers. Nearby too cover the standing furniture with film or newspapers, it will be dusty.

4. Clean furniture surface from old varnish or paint. If you work in the special or well aired room, then it is possible to use special remover for varnishes and paints. At dissolution of old layer there will be strong smell. Scrape off the blown-up paint the palette. Well grind the released surface coarse-grained abrasive paper. That the abrasive paper was not hammered, periodically moisten it in water. The old varnish covering can be removed with the grinder. It will be dusty, but quickly.

5. Ground wooden basis water impregnation. Then cover with the first layer, that is acrylic paint. This color at you will be the main and well visible.

6. Decorate surface of furniture or ready ornaments, or they can be cut out from two - three-layer napkins. During the work with napkins keep in mind that the prepared drawing turns out transparent. It has to be imposed on very light or white basis. And if you have already covered product with dark paint, then circle contours of ornament and paint basis in light color. And in accuracy on these places paste pattern on PVA glue.

7. Dry your product and apply on it crackle lacquer from small bottle with the inscription "step No. 1". You apply varnish with uniform dabs, try not to get two times in one place. Wait for incomplete drying of varnish, it has to be a little sticky to the touch. Take small bottle with the inscription "step No. 2". Paint product with the second layer. The layer varnish less time of drying between layers is thicker, the larger cracks will turn out.

8. Take ready patina or old eye shadow on soft rag and rub in the grid which has turned out when cracking top layer of varnish. Cracks will become accurately expressed. Set the turned-out result by transparent acrylic lacquer.

9. Screw new or old accessories on finished product.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team