How to make senoizmelchitel

How to make senoizmelchitel

Simplification of work when housekeeping requires the different equipment: the grain crusher, senoizmelchitel, extruder, tanks for preparation of forage, etc. If the farmstead can hit small, then its acquisition hard the budget of family and the payback will be rather long. With own hand manufactured equipment will come to the rescue. The senoizmelchitel will require not so many parts.

It is required to you

  • - capacity is 40-40 cm;
  • - board;
  • - bar;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - hacksaw blade;
  • - electric drill;
  • - squares emphasis


1. Take the whole and heavy capacity, all other sizes of design will depend on its diameter. It can be low metal or plastic barrel with a diameter of 30-40 cm. The crushed product will gather here.

2. Make cover. It represents three two-inch boards, the sizes of 150x450 mm. Boards should be prepared and put well in square. Collect all design by means of two guides of the bars of 50х50 mm in size laid lengthways the parties of square perpendicular to faces. Attach boards to them self-tapping screws of 70 mm, on 2 on each board.

3. Prepare the grinder. For edge take saw blade on tree. Good steel is required. Grind piece of cloth about 250 mm on abrasive wheel, in the center drill opening of 7 mm. Attach knife on pin by means of nuts. Its length of 150 mm, on the one hand cut M6 thread.

4. Take power drill as the engine. It has to be powerful and reliable, the consumer goods will not approach.

5. board) opening under drill. Choose diameter of bore structurally - it is required that the boss freely passed in opening. Attach collar which represents suitable piece of plastic pipe to opening. Choose pipe diameter so that the drill was densely inserted into collar as gun in holster. The design has to be rigid, and pipe rather thin (3-5 mm) that walls could be deformed, taking the drill body form. Attach collar 120-150 mm high to the central board by means of three squares from steel and three screws from each party, wind nuts from outer side of collar. Y-shaped fastening will turn out.

6. Make mill opening for intake of materials for crushing. Choose the size of opening structurally - the outer edge of opening has to concern in one point of outer diameter of collar, and in another - to be slightly less than length of knife. The recommended diameter of bore for intake of hay - about 80 mm. Knife length, diameter of receiving opening - the things interconnected. Increase in space from the center of board or increase in diameter of receiving opening leads to increase in length of knife.

7. Attach cover on flank four squares emphasis which center and hold cover on flank excepting any movements during operating time. Fix squares in cover by self-tapping screws of 40 mm.

8. Collect design. Establish cover on barrel. Insert drill into collar down to emphasis. If the drill slips, then wind the body with teflon tape for waterproofing of plumbing or insulating tape. From bottom side of cover insert into drill cartridge the screw (pin) with knife. Close cover. Check design for stability and you carry out test grinding. For supply of material attach similar collar to opening, but smaller diameter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team