How to make simple fountain

How to make simple fountain

The seasonal dacha — first of all the vacation spot where it is possible to distract from city problems. Therefore it is necessary to equip it so that each element was pleasing to the eye, created feeling of rest and harmony. Reservoirs play not the last role in this situation. The pond, small falls or fountain will decorate your giving and will become the place where it is possible to sit in silence.

It is required to you

  • - plan of the seasonal dacha;
  • - pump;
  • - water supply system;
  • - system of power supply;
  • - construction materials and tools;
  • - decor elements.


1. Begin construction of fountain with the choice of the place. It is better to make it even prior to building of giving when you only plan where and that at you will be. Think where you can suit recreation area. It should not stir economic activity. The site has to be rather big that it was possible to dig out hole. The water pipes located nearby considerably will simplify process. Water can go down in the sewerage, but also the fountain with recirculation is possible. The last option is more preferable if you pay for water on the counter.

2. Think of design. It is the best of all to draw that you want. The plan can change and be complemented in process, but it has to be. It is possible to arrange, for example, fountain in the form of the spring. Then various stones which you lay out bowl inside and at the edges will be necessary for you. Between stones it is possible to plant hygrophilous plants. If you have more to liking rural style, put about bowl something like tiny water-mill. Instead of stones it is possible to use pottery. For example, the spring can follow from the broken ceramic pot.

3. In agricultural shops quite good selection of bowls and pumps. These two elements are closely connected with each other, and capacity is chosen depending on power the pump which can be from 1.5-2 liters an hour up to 150. The small fountain will demand also the minimum drainage that too needs to be considered.

4. Dig out hole of such size that it was possible to place in it bowl, Define position of the pump. If there is no bowl, it is necessary to strengthen walls brick approximately the same as for the pool. Also the waterproofing will be required. The special film which also to buy in agricultural or hardware store is for this purpose applied. Fill bottom of fountain with sand. Perhaps, it is required to connect drain to the sewerage. Independently you will hardly be able to make it, is better to call experts from the construction organization or municipal service.

5. Install the pump. At big fountain it is placed over height of water, at small — on the contrary. Before you begin to complete your creation, check height of stream and pressure.

6. Decorate fountain. On the parties of bowl it is possible to put figures of animal or fairy tale characters. That the pump was not evident, it can be imposed with stones. Near bowl plant hygrophilous plants. It is possible to make in general something like the spring in rock garden. In this case the place has to be rather high that it was possible to issue fountain in the form of the hill of stones.

7. Absolutely small fountain can be made also without pump. It with success will be replaced by aquarian pump. Find the ware suitable by the size. It has to be rather high. Quite the round aquarium will approach, for example. Make opening that it was possible to insert into it hose. Connect hose to pump. Put what at you has turned out in the prepared capacity. Close pump pebble or haydite.

8. Cut off piece of polyethylene film of such size that it was possible to close pebble layer completely. Make in it opening and remove hose. Over film put stones, decorative soil and other elements of design.

9. You need still sink and support for it. The support can be stuck together, for example, from stones. It can be also in the form of vase with the made a hole bottom. In opening there has to pass the hose. On support if it is necessary, establish sink. In it there has to be opening too. Remove the end of hose outside, but so that it has not been really noticeable.

10. Finish registration of fountain. In decor it is possible to use shells, beautiful stones, various figurines. It is the best of all to paste them waterproof glue.

11. Fill bowl that the pump has appeared under water, and soil represented something like the small island. Include pump in the socket. Such fountain can be made not only for giving, but also for the city apartment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team