How to make slate

How to make slate

The modern market of roofing materials is provided by huge variety of special material which is used for covering of roofs. Among it the important part is assigned to slate which can be made with own hand.

It is required to you

  • - dense fabric as burlap;
  • - timber or metal trestle;
  • - varnish with hardener;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - wooden bars;
  • - wire.


1. Sew dense fabric double laid on seam. Durability of "design" in many respects depends on fabric thickness therefore choose material thicker. As for color, it will not change so, fabric should be chosen any desirable color.

2. Establish gantry on small distance from each other, having strengthened on them wooden bars which will carry out form of crests. Over "form" you prostelit polyethylene and well fix it.

3. Spread fabric on polyethylene film and fix it (it will allow to hold fabric from shift, for example, under the influence of wind).

4. Properly miss the mark fabric with varnish with hardener. Make three-four layers.

5. Level not up to the end dried out fabric in "form" and dry it. Let's stand hour two (usually so much time is necessary for varnish to dry out), and then smear with new layer. Besides fabric, smear with thin varnish coat also crests. You dry within a day.

6. Stale roof structure made with own hands. Fix slate by means of wire, and, the step of fastening of slate leaf (on crest) has to make about 70-80 centimeters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team