How to make sliding cabinet

How to make sliding cabinet

Any house cannot do without qualitative and convenient furniture. It becomes its integral part. Only depending on the apartment sizes you can use big capacious cabinets, or look for other options of storage of things. Good alternative is the sliding cabinet, or sliding wardrobe.


1. Before being engaged in production of sliding cabinet, it is necessary to decide on the mechanism which will set all design in motion. Having gone to the market of construction materials, you will find set of offers. Today mechanisms on rollers and suspended parts are most popular. These two options both are good so you can not worry for quality.

2. Now it is necessary to calculate the sizes of sliding cabinet, having left necessary allowances for mounting of the chosen mechanism. So, for example, upon purchase of roller systems you should make wider bottom of cabinet. At the same time regiments have to remain standard size. For convenience it is possible to draw in advance the drawing of future sliding cabinet which will not allow you to get confused or get off.

3. After similar preparations it is worth going to the furniture shop and to order cabinet parts according to your sizes. You, of course, can try to make it independently, however it is necessary to be sure of the forces. To make qualitative cabinet, it is better to use chipboard.

4. As soon as you on hands have all necessary fastenings, parts, screws and other accessories, it is possible to start assembly. For a start all edges of wooden elements which will be visible it is necessary to paste over with milominovy edge. It becomes only by means of special glue and the iron which should pass on all contour. Now cut all protruding edges simple stationery knife and process abrasive paper (will suit No. 150 and No. 180).

5. Assembly of sliding cabinet becomes the following step. Try to perform all work very accurately, do not forget about quality of fastening of systems, accessories and shelves. Perhaps, it is better to establish some elements in advance. To establish sliding cabinet exactly, use level. Installation of doors will become the last stroke. Here it is necessary to be very exact, you should adjust the mechanism so that it was possible to open or close cabinet without effort. But at the same time all elements have to be strong fixed on the places.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team