How to make slopes

How to make slopes

Slopes are not only esthetically necessary element of windows, but also integral part of their general system warm vlago- and noise isolations.

 Poor made slopes will not only allow cold air into the apartment, but also will cause condensation of moisture on walls that leads to growth of mold, stains, etc. Of course, it is the most reliable to charge installation of slopes to professionals, but it is actually quite possible to make them. The simplest slopes in installation – plastic, for installation of other types it is better to address experts nevertheless.

So, if all of you have decided to make the hands slopes, then at first it is necessary to stock up with all necessary materials. First of all it is plastic strips, starting strip (so call plastic P-shaped preparation), plastic strip in the form of letter F, wooden rail, the perforator, the construction stapler, mineral wool for warming, knife or scissors on metal. Also it is necessary to prepare self-tapping screws (85-95 mm and so-called "bugs"), the level, opaque silicone (as a rule, white, under color of plastic slopes).

Since the beginning on window perimeter, on the place of future slopes, wooden rails with use of self-tapping screws and the perforator are beaten. To achieve equal arrangement of rails, use level. It it is necessary to create the basis for slopes, to give them the hardness and durability. Then the starting strip fastens – it it is necessary to arrange on outer edge of window. The starting strip is put on self-tapping screws bugs. Then the strip of F-shaped form fastens. On height it has to coincide with slope height, however it is necessary to leave also small part for allowance. After the strip is beaten, surplus of blousing cleans up scissors on metal so that equal accurate corners were formed. Then it fix to wooden rails by means of the stapler. Now plastic strips are established. They are inserted into starting strip, at the same time adding mineral wool. Mineral wool is necessary for warming and sealing of space. In this way it is necessary to walk on all perimeter of window. The joints which have remained between plastic strips are rubbed clean with silicone use (for this purpose it also has to be white, but not transparent). Slopes are ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team