How to make smoky eyes make-up

How to make smoky eyes make-up

eyes or as it is often called still, smoky make-up has gained popularity in the twenties of the last century. Currently it also remains favourite option of make-up for many women. It does look attracting, mysterious, seductive.


  1. First of all be engaged in skin preparation. Put and carefully shade the leveling liquid foundation. After that powder nose and cheeks the light powder corresponding to tone of skin. Surely apply blush of natural shade.
  2. The make-up of smoky eyes will effectively not look if the person is tired with bags and dark circles under eyes. They should be hidden. Therefore get to yourself concealer and safely start masking of these shortcomings. After that you can directly pass to make-up of eyes. Apply basis for shadows on mobile eyelid. Thanks to it shadows will much longer keep, and their color will become slightly brighter.
  3. On contour of eyelashes draw line dark soft pencil. Its color can be brown, gray or black. Thickness of your line ideally has to be centimeter floor. Along eyelashes on lower eyelid also draw such line, only narrower. Try as it is possible to shade both lines more carefully. After that put the most dark shade through shading. On intensity of color shade of shadows distribute average on all surface of mobile century. Under eyebrow and in internal corner of eye cause the lightest color. Shade all borders. Sides of transition of one shade in another should not be clearly distinguishable.
  4. Now apply ink. During creation of make-up of smoky eyes use or the ink giving volume or with effect of the increased eyelashes. Paint over cilia very carefully in two thin layers. After that comb them special brush. It will help to get rid of lumps and bound together eyelashes. It will make look even more open.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team