How to make snag to aquarium

How to make snag to aquarium

The decorative snag is one of the most important attributes of registration of aquarium. At the same time does not matter whether you want to issue small house aquarium or exhibition giant aquarium. The underwater world decorated with snag takes form of natural reservoir, it emphasizes beauty of inhabitants of aquarium. If you have decided that the snag is necessary for your aquarium, safely go to the forest or the city park.

It is required to you

  • Snag, capacity for water boiling, hacksaw, knife, rags


1. Wander on wooden locality, glance on local reservoirs. Your task is to find the wooden snag which in form and the sizes is ideal for aquarium. Consider that it is necessary to take snags only from eco-friendly places, avoid the areas located in zone of emission of industrial and agricultural waste.

2. Not any branch will be suitable for arrangement of the artificial water world. Use only roots of trees. It is very desirable that the snag has been taken from the marsh environment and sufficient time has been submerged in water. But it is possible to prepare in a special way and seasoned wood.

3. Let's say you have found suitable snag. Make sure that the tree not mouldering and has no signs of rotting. Houses clean the chosen piece of wood from all superfluous, remove the spoiled parts, wash snag with water and start its processing.

4. You need the suitable capacity (big pan or bucket). Fill in in it waters, but not entirely as part of water will be forced out by snag. Place snag in capacity and you cook on small fire. It is necessary to cook several hours, periodically changing water. After numerous boiling, water has to brighten considerably.

5. When the root is sufficiently boiled thoroughly, leave it for several days in water. Then safely you can put the prepared snag in aquarium. Try to place rationally this new element of decor that the snag has been shown to everyone to the best advantage. Consider that emergence of snag can bring for some time inhabitants of aquarium into bewilderment. There will pass several days, and then small fishes will choose this new shelter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team