How to make so that roses have longer stayed

How to make so that roses have longer stayed

Roses – the most beautiful flowers which can stand very long in bouquet in the cut-off look. At the correct leaving the bouquet remains within one month in original state as soon as cut off from greenhouse. To keep roses, it is necessary to prepare volume vase and make-shifts for preservation.

It is required to you

  • - the clear filtered water;
  • - vase;
  • - knife;
  • - means for preservation.


1. If have presented you roses or you have brought them from the seasonal dacha, at once unroll packing and clean stalk on vase height. On it there should not be leaves and thorns.

2. Pour into vase the filtered water on one third. Add 1 bag of Krizal - it is means for long storage of flowers, is on sale in any flower shop. Allows to keep flowers fresh the maximum quantity of time.

3. Cut off stalk sharp knife at an angle of 45 degrees, put bouquet in vase. Install vase in the cool place, far from sunshine and heaters.

4. If you have not bought Krizal, then fill 1 teaspoon of sugar in vase, carefully stir it, put bouquet.

5. Instead of sugar you can use 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 1 g of citric acid or 1 tablet of aspirin (not sparkling). Carefully dissolve any of the specified means in water and only then establish bouquet.

6. Also the long time in original state 1 drop of cleaning agent for ware or 1 drop of dense chlorine-containing means helps to keep bouquet.

7. Irrespective of in what solution you have put roses, daily pull out bouquet, wash vase thoroughly, pour the fresh filtered water, wash out stalks under the crane and do new cut.

8. In addition several times a day spray bouquet with the clear filtered water. It will help not to lose to roses moisture and will significantly prolong terms of their storage.

9. Whenever possible for the night put bouquet in bathtub with cold water or take out to the cold place with temperature plus 2 degrees. It also promotes longer storage of roses.

10. If the bouquet has stayed already long enough and any method does not help, make new cut, lower stalks in boiled water for 20 minutes, cover flowers with cellophane. But this measure already extreme, apply it only if all other rehabilitation methods do not bring result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team