How to make sofa

How to make sofa

At creative approach it is possible to make sofa with own hands. Such sofa will satisfy completely all your inquiries.

Despite big variety of the sofas provided by the furniture industry in certain cases there is need to make the hands sofa. It gives the chance to consider all individual nuances. Sofa basis.

For the basis of sofa it is the best of all to take boards not less than five centimeters thick and about 15 cm wide. In addition self-tapping screws 10 cm long and more and also bars for strengthening of corners of the basis will be required. By means of self-tapping screws of board gather in the sofa basis. Standard dimension of the basis of 190*65 cm, but these indicators can vary depending on individual requirements.

Sofa bottom

As sofa bottom the fibreboard optimum approaches. For strengthening of bottom in the basis we notch several rails on which the fibreboard is beaten. Such method will allow to avoid sagging of bottom.

Sitting and back of sofa

Production of sitting and back of sofa will also require boards 15*5sm. From boards the box similar to the sofa basis gathers (size 195*70sm). The back from two parties is upholstered with sheets fibreboards. External part of back is fitted by the polyurethane foam enveloped in holofiber, providing softness and elasticity.

From above the box of back and sitting needs to be strengthened, however in this case not rails, as in the basis, and bars 5*5sm are notched. Optimum distance between bars from 8 to 10 cm. From below legs from the processed bar are fastened to the basis.

We do sofa folding

In order that the sofa was folding, sitting and back need to be connected to the help of normal non-demountable loops. At the same time special attention durability of places of fastening of loops deserves.

Bokovinki of sofa

Are made by Bokovinki of chipboard or gather from boards and are upholstered with plywood. Ready bokovinka can be pasted over with polyurethane foam. For giving of softness of bokovinka it is possible to envelop sintepon or holofiber. Sofa upholstery.

The textile industry provides huge selection of material for furniture upholstery. If you wish to give to the sofa made with own hands, presentable look it is possible to try to upholster it with genuine leather. But it is one of the most expensive options of upholstery.

Optimum furniture fabric which provides esthetics of exterior and durability of operation is suitable for upholstery of sofa.

At creative approach you without any problem can become the owner of the smart convenient sofa made with own hands who will correspond as much as possible to your inquiries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team