How to make sofa of bed

How to make sofa of bed

Sometimes there is a strong wish to update furniture. For example, you have made repair, it seems, the interior has to become quite European, but the bulky bed would be very good to be replaced with small sofa. Money for new furniture after thorough repair will appear not soon. But old furniture can serve still some time if to put imagination and ability. The sofa bed — piece rather labor-consuming, and for it is necessary the special hinged mechanism. And here to make just sofa, it is not necessary to be the wizard at all.

It is required to you

  • Foam rubber — several sheets by the size of mattress and expected back
  • Chipboard by the sofa size
  • Chipboard or veneer sheet by the back size
  • Veneer sheets by the amount of sitting and back
  • Fabric for upholstery
  • Wooden bed
  • Furniture screws
  • Drill
  • Screw driver
  • Finish nails
  • Hammer


1. Remove mattress from bed and look how the frame is executed. If over frame the board on which the mattress is put is beaten — leave everything as is. Works in this case will be slightly less. If the bed represents just frame into which the mattress is inserted, it is necessary to cut the piece of chipboard suitable by the size and to nail or fasten it to frame. Depending on design of bed it is possible to make it nails or screws.

2. The back is necessary for sofa. For sofa which is not displayed it can be not too high — 0, 5 m, plus frame height. But it is possible to make, of course, and high back if you have enough fabric and foam rubber. Everything depends on your desire. Fasten or beat back to that party of bed which will be turned to wall.

3. Measure sitting of bed. The design of soft parts of sofa depends on bed design. If the board is beaten on bottom of frame, then pillows can be made higher that they centimeters on 10 acted over frame. If the board is beaten on top, pillows can be thinner. It is possible to make soft parts of sitting and back consisting of several parts. For example, on sitting 3 pillows are densely put, and the back is formed from two long. Or about three pillows are the share of that and of another. Sitting and back can be made and continuous. The pillows intended for back can be slightly wider than its height.

4. Cut out rectangles of the necessary size from veneer sheets. IN form of plywood sheets you will find foam rubber. On each pillow 2-3 continuous pieces of foam rubber will be required. It is better if you manage to get thick sheet foam rubber which happens in furniture and hardware stores. Fasten the pieces of foam rubber intended for each pillow among themselves. It is the simplest to stitch them thick threads in several places.

5. Cut out fabric. Development of each pillow represents on two square with allowances for seams for the top and lower parts of pillow and tape which width is equal to thickness of foam laying, and length — to square perimeter. Do not forget about allowances. From that party of strip which will connect to the back or lower part of pillow make allowances wider because they should be bent twice.

6. Put strip and square intended for top the faces and stitch together. Stitch together also free edges of strip on inner side. Cut off corners from inner side. Turn out pillow. Enclose foam laying there. It is possible to fasten upper part of pillow and laying in several places.

7. Fit veneer sheet fabric. Piece of fabric it is possible just to paste and allow to dry. Allowances are bent on other party of plywood leaf. It is possible to beat fabric finish nails, having likewise bent allowances for other party.

8. Put pillow top side down. From above impose the plywood leaf upholstered with fabric. Turn in allowances of strip twice. They can be smoothed down previously so that edges have been turned in. Beat strip to plywood leaf finish nails of centimeters through 5 from each other. In the same way sew also all other pillows.

9. On frame put the pillows intended for sitting. Just put the pillows intended for back. If desired it is possible to make couple more of pillows for sidewalls, but if backs bed of one size, then it is not obligatory.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team