How to make soft headboard of bed

The soft headboard will make any bed original and cozier. This way of modification of usual thing will allow to enter it in any interior. You will be able independently to choose form for headboard and also color and texture of upholstery.

It is required to you

  • - plywood
  • - foam rubber
  • - batting
  • - stapler and brackets to it
  • - marker
  • - upholstery fabric
  • - batting
  • - scissors
  • - electrofret saw


1. Take measurements of bed. Transfer them to paper to receive template for creation of pattern. If you want the headboard to be figured, finish drawing missing elements to template. Cut pattern. If both parties of headboard are symmetric, for convenience of work it is possible to make pattern only of one party.

2. Apply template to veneer sheet. Circle it with pencil. Cut according to the drawing the electric fret saw, having established the fret cloth suitable under plywood thickness.

3. Mark on the cut place part in which buttons will be located. Install in drill thin drill (between 5/16 and 7/32) and drill in the specified opening points. That openings have turned out clean and accurate, drill them from two parties.

4. Spread out on plain surface foam rubber or other material which you are going to use for covering. Over soft layer place template from plywood and circle it with marker. Cut on the planned lines tailor's scissors.

5. If it happened so that the piece of foam rubber is insufficiently big to cover with it all plywood form, make upholstery of separate pieces. For this purpose place template on table or other support. Spread out to it pieces of the chosen soft material and, cutting off from them corners and surplus, create elements which together will close template.

6. Cover the received design with batting and, turning in edges, fix by means of the stapler. Batting will allow to connect plywood and foam rubber among themselves most densely.

7. Prepare material for covering. Lay it over batting. Tuck fabric on plywood in the middle of bend of headboard and fix in this place by the stapler. Then start fixing of covering, going from the middle to edges. Accurately put material, forming where it is necessary, accurate folds, and fix by brackets. That borders of headboard were as much as possible attractive, try each new tuck of perekryvatpredydushchiya.

8. Fit button fabric. Attach them to headboard. For this purpose miss in the prepared openings needle with thread, and, having strung button, fix from reverse side of headboard. Fix ready headboard, having suspended it by means of D-shaped hooks to wall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team