How to make stick

How to make stick

The staff or cane can be necessary not only for role-playing game. With staff it is more convenient to move in the forest. During ice the stick with ice hook is irreplaceable. Besides, each person can get into situation when the stick can be useful also for protection. At the same time it can be not only reliable, but also stylish.

It is required to you

  • Wooden stick
  • Small stick with knot for the handle
  • Piece of skin
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • File
  • Abrasive paper
  • Piece of thick rubber
  • Several small nails
  • Hammer
  • Glue for tree and for skin or universal
  • Varnish for tree


1. Find the stick suitable longwise and thickness in the forest. For cane it is better to take knotless stick more exactly, for staff it can be also curve, and with knots. It is good if there is natural bend of which it is possible to make the handle. For knob of cane find small, but strong stick with knot.

2. Pare down stick for cane that it was the most equal. The most convenient diameter of cane — 3-5 cm. The staff can be more thickly. It should just be processed abrasive paper that the surface became smooth.

3. Make cane knob. Grind small stick in shape of hand. Paste over it with skin. Process knot abrasive paper.

4. Continue opening that there the handle knot entered in the top plane of big stick. Grease knot with glue and insert into opening.

5. Cut piece of rubber slightly more than diameter of stick. Beat it carnations to the lower plane of cane. If you have very thick rubber, it is possible to make tip and in a different way. Cut circle with a diameter at 1 cm more than diameter of stick. In it draw circle with diameter equal to diameter of stick. Accurately cut it, without having cut through "bottom". Grease stick tip with glue and insert it into the turned-out opening.

6. It is possible to decorate stick differently. If you are not able to cut on tree, use the device for burning out and make pattern by it. Varnish stick.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team