How to make summer verandah of balcony

How to make summer verandah of balcony

Many citizens consider balcony as the place for storage of unnecessary things. Meanwhile, these additional square meters can be used much more effectively. For example, to make on the balcony verandah for summer holiday. Any will approach, even very small balcony. Even the person with very modest income can equip it.

It is required to you

  • - balcony;
  • - materials for glazing and finishing;
  • - linoleum or carpet;
  • - folding furniture;
  • - boxes for flowers;
  • - twine or strong threads;
  • - flowers seeds.


1. Bring order on the balcony. There is no sense to store there unnecessary things. If you do not use year the old bicycle or the broken teapot, then will be able to do without them and further. Having thrown out stuff, you will see that the place on the balcony not so is not enough.

2. The most available option of summer verandah — with shadowing from climbers. Attach long boxes on handrail. They can be painted previously that well looked both from the apartment, and from the street. Try to arrange them so that flowers could be watered without causing troubles for neighbors from below. Try to water the plants so that water did not get on others balcony.

3. Whether pull twine between box and overlapping of balcony of thread. It is the most convenient to thrust pegs to which and to tie threads to the earth. But it is possible to manage also the nails hammered into the region of box as equals distances from each other. However, in the second case you should twist stalks when they become rather long, around threads. Seed flowers.

4. Until plants have ascended, be engaged in the rest. Concrete floor not absolutely is suitable for summer verandah therefore lay covering. Linoleum or carpet will approach. The tile or piece of rolled linoleum can be pasted or just to spread. It is possible to make also wooden floor, but it will demand slightly more time.

5. Issue walls of the verandah. The balcony can be trimmed with lining or the PHV panels. The last option is more convenient for not glazed balcony. Panels easily are fixed, their convenient to wash, vagaries of the weather do not do them special harm. Besides, they can be picked up for color.

6. Pick up furniture. Will be suitable for small balcony folding chairs or stools and also small folding table. It is possible to put also small wooden small benches.

7. Under summer verandah it is possible to approach registration of large balcony more thoroughly. However, it will involve also big costs, but the result will justify your efforts. First of all warm and glaze balcony. Part of works can be made independently, and here it is better for the firm having the license for the corresponding type of activity to order glazing. Do not forget to specify that you are going to warm balcony, then masters will pick up the packages corresponding by the size.

8. If you assume to use balcony only in the summer, it is not obligatory to warm it. However it can be done, and in that case you will have not only verandah, but also the additional room in the winter. The way of warming depends on balcony design. In old houses usually there is parapet, in new — metal grid with asbestos cement sheet. It should be replaced with wall. As material foam concrete blocks as they it is easier most of all will approach, and on durability do not concede to brick.

9. Close up slots. Use for this purpose polyfoam pieces. Execute furring, strengthen on it polyfoam. It is possible to use also other materials — cotton mats, for example. It will be necessary to sheathe also external part of wall.

10. Level floor. It is the best of all to flood hollows and slots if those are available, with peskotsementny mix. It can turn out and so that floor is too low, and you would like to raise it. Make laying of two layers of haydite, from above execute waterproofing and cover all this with sheets of polyfoam. Polyfoam have in chessboard order. Make thermal insulation of walls of the same sheets. Fill slots with polyurethane foam. Finish registration of floor, having laid linoleum or boards.

11. Finish walls. Not only color plastic panels or classical lining, but also the most normal wall-paper or self-adhesive film will be suitable for the warmed and glazed balcony. It is possible to choose wall-paper with the drawing imitating tree or stone. It is more preferable the washing materials.

12. You needed only to choose furniture. It depends first of all on the balcony sizes. It is possible to put folding sun bed, chair and table. It is very good if several chairs are located. But anyway furniture has to clean up easily. Will finish registration of plant. They can be suspended on walls or to put on special support.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team