How to make swan from automobile tire with own hands

How to make swan from automobile tire with own hands

To decorate the yard or homestead the site, many means are not necessary at all. It is possible to make beautiful hand-made articles for giving with own hands from make-shifts. One of the most attractive materials are ordinary old automobile tires. It is possible to make beds, fencings and beautiful hand-made articles of them. For example, it is possible to make of tire of swan.


1. To make swan from tireof the hands, prepare the tire, swept for marking of cut edges, sharp knife, thick wire for fixing of parts in the necessary position, paint for coloring of figure of swan. If you have electrofret saw, then with it work will go much quicker.

2. It is the most convenient to work with strongly worn-out old tires with almost erased protector. Not only it is simpler to cut it, but also it is more convenient to paint. Clean car tire from dirt, wash it if necessary and carefully dry up.

3. Mark cut edge chalk. On wheel draw neck of swan with sharp beak and tail in the form of tick, corner or small fence. That the neck of bird has turned out rather long, it has to pass through half of tire. On side face outline cut edges of wings. They have to have the size from half to two third the tire.

4. Knife or the fret saw cut neck and tail, and then wings of future swan. Put wheel on face, take out the head and tail outside. Part wings in the parties, turning out rubber.

5. Establish figure on pedestal from other tire or drive in the earth. To make neck of swan of the tire which is highly lifted, attach thick wire to piece of tire, having given it the curved form. It is possible to make it by means of homutok for fastening of wires and small nails or pieces of rubber and superglue.

6. Wings of bird can be made carved, having cut wide sidewall of tire on several parts and having turned out from at the different level. It is also rather realistic wings will look if on edge to cut them with small fence, imitating feathers.

7. Carefully wash up with soap to degrease swan which you have made, before coloring. You can choose any coloring from standard white and black to multi-color. Do not forget to draw to swan beak and eyes.

8. If you want to make swan of tire not banal, include imagination. For example, you can turn your bird into the Tsarevna, having pasted crown from residues of material.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team