How to make table

How to make table

Which of true summer residents did not lament concerning stuff of doubtful necessity which has quite often filled up their favourite fazenda? Beaten bricks, old doors, scraps of boards, sheets of multi-colored plywood – all this and many other things and ask that it was thrown out. And still in the presence of desire, the minimum creative abilities and simple tools all these utensils easily turn, say, into nice and convenient table


1. Indeed, whether it is necessary to buy specially expensive dacha furniture where you are all several times in year? The same table much simpler and cheaper to make the hands. There are several useful recommendations.

2. First of all, stock up with necessary tools. The tape measure, knife, drill, plane or the grinder will be necessary for you. It is in rare instances difficult to do without chisel, nails or screws, the hammer and the screw-driver. Everything will depend on complexity of design of the table conceived by you.

3. Let's begin with table-top. The unnecessary timber door or boards which should be cut off by the necessary size can quite undertake its function and to adjust one to another. The design of country table can consist of such here parts: table-top, legs (usually them it is required four, sometimes it is enough also of two if the table is put to wall). Also bearer frames will be necessary.

4. What to choose height of future table? It is more convenient to do table so that the table-top was slightly lower than the level of breast of the sitting person. Otherwise will sit at table not absolutely comfortably. Certainly, if you very high growth, make the sizes under yourself favourite.

5. Before assembly of design it is desirable to make processing of wooden parts anti-septic tank. It will help to prevent rassykhany wood and emergence of possible cracks. Then parts of design are exposed to grinding. In particular it is essential to table-top. It will be absolutely remarkable if you manage to varnish table suitable for this purpose.

6. The frame serves for giving of durability of all design of table. Legs and frame have to fasten reliably and strictly. For fastening it is recommended to use self-tapping screws. For the bigger durability of the place of joints of frame and legs miss the mark with the mix made of PVA glue and the crushed sawdust.

7. The table-top to frame will fasten by means of corners, it will increase table durability. It is desirable to build corners from scraps of metal or strong wood. Will help to give complete look to the country table made with own hands additional grinding and covering its varnish. It was necessary to click guests and to enjoy joy of real-life human communication behind cup of strong fragrant tea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team