How to make table at the dacha

How to make table at the dacha

During summer season there is a wish to spend more time in the fresh air. In order that it was more convenient to enjoy the garden, the table and benches are simply necessary. The modern market offers set of plastic tables and chairs. But at the dacha or in garden it is far more comfortable to use wooden set of furniture which can be made most.

The simple garden table can be made of improvised materials independently. It can be eaves board, the bar which has remained after building, the wood massif, the leaf of wood boards, chipboard with covering and even the fence will be suitable for table-top. The table-top from red-hot glass will be especially graceful. For production of legs and struts take the processed birch board of 50 mm. Impregnate sanded up, smooth material with septic tank, and then well cover with varnish or paint.

It is the best of all to collect table-top from rabbeted boards 30 mm thick. Such boards have dense connection among themselves and therefore will not allow to be filled in to moisture (precipitation or the spilled drinks) in slot between them. If in addition after completion of works to cover top layer of table-top with several layers of water-repellent protector, then it will serve long enough.


It is necessary to prepare:

- 6 or 8 boards for table-top (length and width of table at your discretion), - 4 cross-pieces on the table width (they fasten table-top), - 4 legs no more than 75 cm high (convenient height of table of 80 cm), - 2 boards under the basis of legs, - one bar which will serve as spreader beam. From the tool: the screw driver and screws if they are absent, will approach the normal hammer and nails. It is desirable to paint or cover wooden parts with mordant in advance.


It is necessary to begin assembly with production of table-top, for this purpose rabbeted boards gather in one package and equally spaced, are fastened with bars. Bars fasten across boards screws or nails. Cut corners of bars and round off table-top corners. Process cuts coarse-grained abrasive paper and varnish in tone of table. Further it is necessary to make legs. If there is fret saw, bars can be made figured. At the next stage it is necessary to attach legs to side bars which hold table-top, it is more convenient to do it by joining method "groove in groove" or by means of fixing corner. Mounting of legs comes to an end with their connection with spreader beam. For bigger durability from above, through cloth of table-top, legs should be fastened with long self-tapping screws. That the table did not shake, it is established on support in the form of equal board. For this purpose it turns over, and actually the support is fastened to legs, however, if the table is used only on verandah, or you have taken thick bars for legs, the support is not required. Decorate table, having painted it or having varnished.

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