How to make table book

How to make table book

Table book – the excellent decision for the small apartment. In the put state it takes not enough place and can be stored in room corner. And in working order at such table ten people will easily accommodate. The additional convenience is that two flap lids allow to display table only half, saving space. It is possible to make such table if desired and certain skills the hands.

It is required to you

  • Laminated by chipboard, wooden bars, continuous loops, euroscrews, the screw driver, plastic stubs


1. Cut two side pillars (leg) 800х300 mm in size, the middle of table-top of the same size, two leaning-back parts of table-top of 800х600 mm in size, internal regiments of 760х200 mm (three pieces).

2. On surfaces of sidewalls plan pencil of the place of fastening of shelves from within. For ensuring horizontal position use level.

3. Screw shelves in turn: in the beginning top, then lower, then average. Act carefully that euroscrews have not split part. For convenience drill in places of fastening of opening of smaller diameter in the beginning, than makes diameter of screws, and then twist screws in these openings. Check horizontal position of shelves level.

4. Start fastening of middle part of table-top. It is the most ideal to put all it on plug-in round loose tongues. In edges of legs and also in the table-top drill two openings with a diameter of 6 and 12 mm in depth. From wood turn four round loose tongues of rounded shape 25 mm long and with a diameter of 6 mm.

5. Smear openings in side legs with joiner's glue, insert into them round loose tongues and accurately knock on them with the hammer until they enter openings up to the end. Grease with opening glue in table-top, combine them with round loose tongues and, tapping with the hammer, adjust to sidewalls. Leave design for drying.

6. Make internal sliding regiments of pine boards with a section of 30х100 mm or of rails. Length of vertical racks is equal to 780 mm, cross – 740 mm.

7. Choose way of connection among themselves of parts ("thorn in groove" or "on added thorns"). According to the chosen way cut dredging and fix parts by means of joiner's glue and self-tapping screws.

8. Attach to side face of leg screws continuous loop. Screw the second surface of loop on side pillar of table (from inside face). In the same way make and attach the second leg on the other side of table.

9. Screw long continuous loop on face of the first flap lid. Screw the second part of loop on face of middle part of table-top. In the same way attach the second flap lid on the other side of table. The table is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team