How to make table for manual milling cutter

How to make table for manual milling cutter

It is difficult for the house master who is engaged in production of furniture to do without compact milling machine. But when processing absolutely small preparations the milling by such machine becomes difficult. It is possible to increase functionality of milling cutter, having recorded it on table to receive the self-made vertically milling machine.

It is required to you

  • - workbench;
  • - boards and rails;
  • - wood saw;
  • - fastening elements (bolts, nuts);
  • - milling cutter;
  • - set of wrenches.


1. Use separate table for production of the machine or attach milling cutter to surface of working workbench. The second way is convenient if you have well prepared workplace and separate workshop. But if you have to work in house conditions, it is difficult to do without separate table.

2. Prepare the sheet of strong material about 5 mm thick (the sheet steel, textolite, plywood will approach) and screws with countersunk conical head. Consider that too thick leaf will limit the operating height of spindle; if the plate is very thin, then in operation of the machine vibrations will appear, it will become unstable.

3. Establish milling cutter on table-top. Circle with pencil contour of basic sole. By means of the fret saw cut opening in table-top, following the planned contour. The second way is to choose as the tool the slot under square of sheet material. At the same time make the size of the party of square approximately twice big, than width of basic sole of milling cutter.

4. If your model of milling cutter has plastic pad on sole, turn off it. At the same time you get access to openings for fixing of regular guides. Remember that the main requirement to table on which the milling cutter will be established – not to allow emergence of vibrations. Besides, the design of table has to provide speed and availability of accession of milling cutter to table-top.

5. In the leaf attached to table-top make opening through which the spindle with mill will move. The diameter of bore has to be not less, than the size of the largest mill which you intend to use. The optimum opening has to be about 50 mm in size. The opening of large diameter can interfere with processing of the most small parts.

6. Attach the directing ruler 150 mm high to table, having made on its center has spent on drink for mill. For fastening of ruler make in its basis also two parallel has spent on drink. It is desirable that the guide had possibility of adjustment of tilt angle. In the table-top drill two openings under fastening bolts.

7. In conclusion install in the readily available place of table the switch for milling cutter, having combined it with the socket for connection of the device. As a result you have received table for the multipurpose milling machine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team