How to make table-top

How to make table-top

You have good kitchen furniture, but here the table-top already demands replacement. It turns out that it is possible to build fashionable modern table-top to complete kitchen the hands. Let's review example of production of table-top with application of ceramic tile.

It is required to you

  • OSB plate, chipboard, plates of artificial stone by your sizes, profiles for fastening, PVA glue, finish for seams, tools.


1. We choose material for table-top - the OSB plate, and table-top top - tile from porcelain tile will be located from below. The OSB plate needs to be chosen as 22 mm thick, first, it is the maximum thickness, and secondly, 22 mm of OSB plate and 16 mm of chipboard give you necessary thickness for fastening of the edge frieze chosen by us. Select material for table-top suitable on color and texture apron and facade of kitchen.

2. By the necessary sizes prepared in advance cut out OSB plate, having put it on the UD 17 profile fastened to wall. Then make opening under washing. Before establishing and fixing table-top, all faces, except for edge on which the frieze will fasten process PVA glue.

3. Attach table-top to the profile prepared in advance by means of screws on metal. Degrease surface, then begin to paste keramogranitny tiles to OSB plate. The chosen tile needs to be cut in advance on the necessary sizes which will keep within then on table-top. By this moment the washing that the edge of washing and the pasted tile were at one level has to be already established.

4. Paste tile on the Moment Mounting all-purpose adhesive. Such glue is very convenient in use because it temperature condition of operation makes from-30 C to +80 C.

5. The tile needs to begin to be stacked from outer edge of table-top where the frieze will be established then. Under washing the tile should be cut the angular grinder with disk on tile. At finish of seams use finish of the Ceresit CE 47 or CE 48 brand. Here it is so possible to make beautiful, fashionable and the most important - strong table-top for kitchen the hands. The table-top from artificial stone will perfectly look in your kitchen, will be durable and practical.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team