How to make table-tops of artificial stone

How to make table-tops of artificial stone

Modern kitchens are entirely covered with table-top from artificial stone. Such love for this material is easily explainable – simply to work with stone, it is strong and durable, is not subject to corrosion and at breakage (chip) is quickly polished.


1. Make cutting of stone on in advance prepared cutting chart. Cutting becomes for edges of faces of table-top, preparation of the table-top, wall sides and fillets (it is part of wall side) if it is required.

2. Before pasting edges, execute milling where it is provided. PAZ of 4-5 mm in depth will provide reliable gluing of edge.

3. If table-top direct, then right after cutting paste edge. If it has letter L form, then to tipping of edge stick together table-top on face. To achieve it and to splice artificial stone on face, make mirror milling, i.e. two faces of table-top have to be milled at the same time. Now paste wooden cubes lugs on face side on thermoglue. Process joint alcohol, apply two-part adhesive on stone. Pull together with clamps and wait up to 40 minutes.

4. After hardening remove the glue roller at first chisel, and then the grinder with rough grain. Surely strengthen the parts of table-top spliced thus from below plate from artificial stone, on all length, about 10 cm wide the same glue.

5. Paste edge, pull together with clamps. After hardening of glue mill edge under desirable radius. Paste stiffening fins under cut of cooking surface, paste substrate. The substrate has to be in the form of furring, but not continuous. Paste substrate on silicone, pay attention that between edge of furring and stone gaps are necessary. Do not fasten strictly among themselves substrate edge.

6. Leave substrate for the night. Next day grind substrate, giving identical thickness to product. Then invert and grind stone. After several hours of grinding the table-top is ready to mounting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team