How to make that tomatoes have reddened

How to make that tomatoes have reddened

Already the season comes to an end, there will come cold weather soon, and in the greenhouse tomatoes do not redden. Or rather, main part of harvest is already collected, and the others hang green. What to do in that case?


1. That tomatoes reddened quicker, it is necessary to form correctly from the very beginning of their vegetation bush. If to neglect everything, then seedling of tomatoes will strongly expand and all vital juice will leave to stalks and leaves. You not only long will not see red tomato, but also in general the harvest will decrease in two, and even three times. Therefore in the conditions of short summer form tomato bush in one stalk. Or in two if you grow up in the warmed greenhouse and there is opportunity to prolong the vegetation period.

2. That tomatoes have reddened, it is necessary to prishchipnut top of growth of the main stalk and also to tear off all flowers. Naturally, all appearing stepsons to delete in time. Usually it is done at the end of August, the beginning of September. And then tomatoes will ripen literally for few days.

3. That tomatoes reddened directly on bushes quicker, cut roots, and it is better to pull out slightly bush from the earth. But it is necessary to remember at the same time that the plant will cease to receive nutrients normal and small tomatoes and will remain small, the truth they will redden too.

4. Still it is necessary to stop watering if the plant ceases to receive water, all tomatoes will quickly redden. But it is better to reap all crop and to bring to the house. Put tomatoes in the dry dark place and they will redden literally for several days. And if you worry that long will not remain, put such grades of tomatoes which fruits dense and can long lie without loss of quality. By the way, they are also recommended to be broken still green.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team