How to make the 3D project of the house

How to make the 3D project of the house

It is possible to create the 3D project of the house by means of one of programs of three-dimensional modeling. There are universal and specialized software products allowing to carry out models of buildings from separate elements, to adjust background of the environment and sources of color, to appropriate to surfaces of texture of various materials.

Three-dimensional modeling of the house on projecting phase gives the chance to see complete visual representation of its appearance, to calculate amount of construction materials and to correct the interior design developed at preliminary stage. Depending on specific goals and tasks the 3D project of the house can be executed by means of the universal or specialized software. Besides, various software products are oriented to the solution of design or engineering tasks.

When developing the three-dimensional project of the house it is possible to solve the following engineering problems: - selection of construction materials;

- definition of geometrical characteristics of rooms; - development of drawings; - calculations on durability. Design tasks of visualization of the project include: - assignment of textures of materials; - placement and control of sources of lighting; - control of background parameters of scene; - rendering of images and animation.

Development of the 3D project of the house by means of universal programs

Universal programs of three-dimensional modeling are calculated on the solution of wide range of tasks, one of which is development of construction objects. Examples of the design universal software are packages 3Ds-Max and Blender 3D. Also 3D project of the house can be executed in such engineering universal programs as the Compass 3D, AutoCAD, NX and Solid Works. Some of them incorporate the separate structural software module including libraries of elements.

Use of the specialized software

In the absence of experience of three-dimensional design for creation of 3D model of the house it is possible to use one of customized applications which development will not occupy large number of time. These programs contain the minimum set of the functions allowing to construct three-dimensional model of set of the standard elements including masonry units, sections of walls and roof, various options of window and door openings. Using the program by analogy with the designer, it is possible to create complete projects of buildings. The majority of applications support function of switching between the two- and three-dimensional mode of the image. Number of software products, such as Planner 5D, Sweet Home 3D, SketchUp Make, are completely free and have the online version allowing to work in the environment of the browser. Some specialized programs, such as Autodesk Homestyler, allow to look through and edit three-dimensional model, using tablets and smartphones. It gives the chance to add or correct house 3D model, being at meeting or directly on construction site.

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