How to make the apartment cozy

How to make the apartment cozy

There are people who are seldom in the dwellings, all of them devote the time to work, communication with friends and hobbies out of the apartment. But also the number of homebodies to whom the cosiness and comfortableness of their housing is important is very high. Any apartment can be made absolutely charming, having made a few efforts and having connected the imagination.

It is required to you

  • - furniture;
  • - decor objects.


1. It is the simplest to create the cozy dwelling, since naked walls. Then you will be able to bring each square centimeter of the apartment to perfection. Choose from all variety of the ideas for registration of interior those which were pleasant to you most of all. Perhaps, you want to execute each room in different style and color, perhaps, they harmoniously will be combined with each other.

2. If you live with family, you need suit council to consider opinion of everyone. Mom pensioner and the child preschool child with pleasure will take part in the choice of furniture and objects of decor, they spend in the apartment much time too, it the cosiness and comfort are very important.

3. Every day there are all new and new materials for finishing work therefore it is necessary to get advice in shop not to choose validly what will suit you completely. The cosiness depends both on color, and on the invoice, and on material of finishing and furniture, on their successful combination with each other and with decor objects.

4. How many people, are so much also opinions! It is comfortable to one person to be in the room from glass and metal with leather furniture, another – feels comfortably only in environment of large number of soft pillows and ruches on curtains. The most important – it is invariable to adhere to the chosen style, it is impossible to break harmony and to bring dissonance, having brought, for example, in interior in style hi-tech pink dresser with angels from shabby - chic.

5. Choosing furniture, think of its convenience and functionality. The cosiness is the correct arrangement of sofa and chairs in front of the TV, it is fluffy rug before bed, it is solid desk with convenient chair, it is set of colourful cans on the shelf near dining table. Define that there are cosiness and attractiveness of the dwelling in understanding of each family member. If all have rooms, arrange them, being guided by wishes of their inhabitants.

6. When repair is made and furniture is placed, think of decor. These are pictures, mirrors, candlesticks, shelves with knickknacks, vases, photos in beautiful framework and many other things. There are objects which the presence in the apartment are capable to give charm to any interior. In office put desk lamp with the lamp shade stained-glass window, it will recover the strict atmosphere of the room and will remind of life brightness outside the window.

7. The bedroom will be made cozy picture in quiet tones, stylish cover on bed and wooden chest for bedding. The kitchen cannot manage odourless spices, and attractive it the laws!

8. The living room center of gravity – the big TV and soft convenient sofas. The warm fluffy cat purring on one of chairs will add harmony to the atmosphere of the apartment.

9. One more very important council – get rid of stuff and unnecessary things. All this only irritates and introduces "tar spoon" in your attitude and mood when you are at home.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team