How to make the apartment cozy by means of simple receptions

How to make the apartment cozy by means of simple receptions

Sometimes there are enough several simple methods that in your house it became cozier and more comfortable. And then members of household will spend much more willingly house time, but not somewhere out of it.

It is required to you

  • - refuse sacks
  • - unusual thing for interior
  • - desk lamp or lamp
  • - houseplant
  • - modern means for cleaning


1. Get rid of excess veshcheyvash the house has turned into warehouse? Many things irritate, and from time to time just enrage? Carry out strict audit and put all unnecessary things in garbage bags. If you did not put on clothes year and more – already will definitely not put on. If the iron constantly overheats, the toaster regularly demands repair, and the vacuum cleaner is rolled up by adhesive tape – it is time to say goodbye and buy with them the new equipment. And how are you with cosmetics? Long ago there was check on effective life? Too it is time to make it and to throw out all overdue jars and tubes. It is the very first stage on the way to cosiness is to get rid of everything that irritates. Then rest in the house and household chores will become much more pleasant.

2. Add to interior interesting detaliyesl you not the ardent admirer of hi-tech, it is possible to make the house cozier by means of bright pillows, photos in unusual framework, embroideries, pictures, napkins and other pleasant trifles. They will add identity and originality to apartment interior, will help to express your taste. You remember only convenience and functionality: original things should not bring many efforts during cleaning, otherwise you will regret soon that you have bought them. Reasonable compromise between bright parts and convenience – the best exit.

3. You watch for chistotoymnogy women do "big cleaning" on the weekend. However it is much simpler to clean up every day gradually, then in the house there will always be purity, affairs will not be saved by the end of the week. Make for yourself the plan of cleaning as it is convenient to you, for example: - Monday: we vacuum floor; - Tuesday: we tidy up to the bathroom and we erase; - Wednesday: we iron the washed things; - Thursday: we wipe dust; - Friday: we wash plate and we get rid of the stale products. And during week-end we complete any trifles. It is the approximate plan – you can add other tasks and do in any day that want. The main thing that maintenance of purity will be constant, and will not take a lot of time.

4. As much as possible simplify process of uborkiyesla you are not guided in modern means and objects for cleaning yet – surely find this information. For example, napkins from microfiber of the last generation allow to tide up the biggest apartment several times quicker, than normal napkins for dust wipe. Modern vacuum cleaners not only remove dust, but also wash, disinfect and reach the most inaccessible places. Eco-friendly means will help not to worry about health of relatives. Fast cleaning will leave time for favourite affairs and communication with family.

5. Get room rasteniyanikto does not argue that greens give rest to eyes, calms, and still houseplants are very beautiful, even the most unpretentious. The small sanseviyeriya (pike tail) does not demand anything, except rare watering, however looks fascinating. Not demanding big leaving and Benjamin's ficus also looks perfectly, and, besides, well purifies air. The same fighter for ecology – chlorophytum with magnificent head of hear and beautiful shoots, and same unpretentious. Even one-two plants are capable to change apartment interior cardinally.

6. You remember fresh vozdukhechashche air rooms, it is possible to arrange sometimes – to distil drafts stagnant air. It will add comfort to your relatives: it will be easier simple to them to breathe. It is also good to moisten air by all available means. It is possible to put the container with water under the battery if air too dry. If air too damp – it is necessary to think of ventilation repair. How to check air? Pour water in glass and put in the fridge for 4-5 hours, then put it in the center of the room. If on walls of glass there was soon condensate and has quickly dried – means, air dry. If on glass water streams – humid air have run. If the glass remains slightly damp – air as it should be.

7. Choose suitable osveshcheniyent to dispute, the beautiful chandelier is very good! However the room in which there are desk lamp, floor lamp or sconce is much cozier. It is so pleasant to esteem lying on sofa when on the book warm soft light falls. Or when in kitchen over table there is additional bulb or the lamp. Think where it is possible to place additional luminous source, and you will see how the room will play in a different way – the impression of it will be more pleasant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team