How to make the base for outbuildings

How to make the base for outbuildings

On personal plot it is desirable to have at least one farm building. It can be either the shed, or the room for keeping of hens or goats, or just utility room for garden stock. Construction of constructions of a such type - task not so difficult, as construction of the house, however too demanding serious approach.

Any farm building has to have the good base even if it is wood, framework structure. That the base has served for many years, and the building did not give in to influence of moisture and did not collapse under pressure of underground waters and other natural factors, it has to be made of quality and strong material. Optimal variant for the outbuilding – the base in the form of integral concrete slab.

Surface preparation to creation of the base

Works on construction of the base, as a rule, begin with division of land. After all necessary measurements (length and width) are executed, it is necessary to make so-called pillow on which the equal and smooth concrete slab will flaunt very soon. In order that to make it, it is necessary to remove from turf about a half-meter earth surface, then to dig hole. From that how deep will be hole, the structural strength depends.

On bottom of the dug deepening it is necessary to fill up sand and gravel mix. However, for these purposes it is possible to use also the simple earth. If by preparation of pillow it is decided to use soil from personal plot, it should be sifted carefully to get rid of roots of plants-weeds. The following that should be made is properly to stamp bottom of the dug deepening, and then to fill up the turned-out surface with layer of crushed stone and to level it on all its area.

Timbering and reinforcing

The timbering represents peculiar box from boards. This simple, but important construction is intended for giving and preservation of the correct form of the base. The more timbering height, the more thickly and massivny will be the base. In shuttering design it is necessary to lay grid from armature. This material considerably increases base durability, doing it monolithic.

Filling of concrete mix

Underpouring – the last stage of works on construction of the base. It is necessary to tell that one cubic meter of concrete mix is enough for filling about ten square meters of the area of plate. Ideally, for preparation of concrete mix it is necessary to use the concrete mixer. If that is not available, it is possible to make it and manually. Proportion of quality mix (at the rate on one cubic meter) is as follows: six parts of crushed stone, three parts of sand and one part of cement. It is necessary to fill in concrete in timbering until it completely does not cover mesh reinforcement.

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